Fun at the Pool

Monday, June 25, 2012

I've been visiting the pool quite a bit this week...after work and whenever I'm searching for something to do.  We have a fantastic water park just a mile or so from our house, so I'm making good use of it this summer.  :-) 

There is the regular pool, for laps and such, and then the huge water park area that has all the fun slides and stuff.  See that big red bucket?  Every three minutes, after filling up with water, it turns upside down and creates a huge waterfall!  It's a lot of fun.  Though Isaac and Josh are still scared of it...little wonder, since the blast is enough to knock down most little kids!  There is also a little "baby pool"...only a foot and a half at its' deepest, and totally separate from all the loud bells/whistles/water spouts of the regular park.   That's the little boys' favorite spot....

On top of lifeguarding, Jonathan has been teaching swimming lessons this summer.  It's fun to watch him interact with these little four year olds who are just learning to hold their breath under water.  :-)  Fun job!  (Though the sunburn is a downside...that and dealing with the results of toddler students who decide to NOT visit the bathroom before getting in the pool...Jonathan has come home with some rather gross stories...)

 Today, only David and I biked up to the pool and spent a few hours there together.  I was lucky to get this much of his face in a picture.....he won't pose for me anymore!

 He did, however, let me take a picture of his jump into the water.

My brother, the lifeguard.  Wish I could get a tan like that.  Think it has something to do with him baking in the sun every day for the last month...
This was the view from my chair.  Loverly, isn't it?  I love where we live. :-) 

 I was attempting to get a picture here of David coming down one of the slides....turned out to be the wrong kid anyway, and you come shooting out of the slides so fast that it's nearly impossible to get a picture anyway!  Everyone's favorite slide is the red goes way faster, plus it's enclosed.

 And here I am, studying for the SAT whilst tanning in the sun. 

And that concluded our morning at the pool!  The beginning of many hot days spent in the water....summer at its best.  :-)


Abby said...

I ♥ the pool! That particular pool looks really fun. Hmmm... maybe I should sign up to be a life guard so I can get a good tan. :)

Have a great week!

Abby said...

ps. the little red device that Jonathan is holding is a life preserver, correct? I'm pretty sure it is. I've never asked but always wanted to know.

Anonymous said...

Its just a tube. Its to help drowning victims. A life preserver is another name for a life jacket :p

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