Movie Review: Homerun

Thursday, April 25, 2013

This morning, David and I went to the theatre to watch the recently produced movie, "Homerun".  I didn't know too much about it, except that it was supposed to be a really good family movie.  I wasn't disappointed! It was great - I'm super glad I went to see it.  Probably one of those that we will want to get on dvd when it comes out.

The movie centers around Cory Brand, a baseball star who is on the cutting edge of his career as a player for the Grizzlies.  On the field, he's as incredible as he looks - talent and all.  But off the field, he's a broken man struggling with his alcohol addiction, a fierce anger problem, and emotional scars from a childhood with an alcoholic father.                                                                

       Things start getting messy when Cory's outbursts of uncontrollable anger show on the field during a game.  Word gets out about his drinking addiction, and he is suddenly faced with a tarnished reputation. Not long after, his drinking gets  him in a serious car accident; his brother is put in the hospital and the media gets hold of the story.    Desperately trying to save face and redeem his career, Cory's agent sends him to a small town to coach a little league baseball team and attend an eight-week addiction recovery program.  

No sooner has he begun his coaching than he realizes that one of the players is his own young son, and the existing coach is his former wife, both whom he abandoned years ago to pursue his promising baseball career.  

All of these circumstances make for a touching story about forgiveness, reconciliation, and God's grace.   
The focus of the film is how very possible it is to overcome an addiction through Christ.  When Cory has hit rock bottom in more ways than one, he finds God and begins his journey, dealing with his past head-on.  As a third-generation alcoholic, he declares that "change starts here, right here".  

Possibly one of my favorite quotes of the movie was "Nothing great happens when you hold back."

It was so refreshing to see a clean, wholesome movie, where recurring themes of grace, forgiveness, and redemption in Christ were present.  No bad language, didn't have to worry about certain scenes. It was all good!  

I won't recommend a certain age for seeing this movie, since all families are different. However, viewers should be aware that there are many scenes involving drinking, and the effects thereof.  Outbursts of anger are shown.  Since the focus of the movie is addiction recovery, scenes revolving around this theme are present.                                                                                         Thumbs up for a great movie.  Really.  It was one of those that made me want to tear up at the end.                                                                                              But it would have made my mascara, no go. :-)


Susanna Ormand said...

Wow Rachel, you need to do more movie reviews! Even if I have already seen them, it would be really fun to see why you liked about it, what you didn't like,and the plot holes. (may I suggest Father of the Bride?)Keep on being awesome!

Ashlin said...

Sounds like a good movie. Guess I'll have to make sure and see it (maybe when it gets to the cheap seats!)

By the way, wanted to let you know you've been awarded over at my blog.

Anonymous said...

Now you made me want to see it!
i Looooove your blog! keep up he good work!

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