Feelin' Feminine Challenge Day #3

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today's outfit:

Warm striped sweater....it felt so COLD this morning! I think it was 36* or something.

Princess style.....a great hair do to get all your hair out of the way!


Lindsay said...

Oh my, I love that hairstyle, Rachel!! I think I will try that one soon. :)

~ Love,

Mrs. E said...

Lovely~ outfit... as always!

Marie said...

You said you loved comments-so hear I go. (grin)
I just found your blog today and I think it is so cute! I found it from a link to someone else's. I adore your jean skirt and that hairstyle is beautiful! I can never get my hair to look like that :)

The Cowgirls said...

Hello Rachel!
I came across your blog threw Jenna's blog i really like it! we are a family of 7 we are christians and we home school we live on a farm in Tennessee you can go to me and my sisters blog by clicking our name! I also really love playing the violin!
Love Hannah Joy

Angelica said...

I like the outfit, Rachel! And the new blog look!

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