Isaac....Our Little Cutie!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am SO excited about adopting Isaac!
It is so amazing to see the transition that took place after his cleft lip/palate surgery.
From this.... this... an AMAZING change!

We love Isaac so much already. You know that you are really intent upon something when you start dreaming about it! (And I've had many many "Isaac dreams"!)

We simply can't wait to meet this little guy.

Some of the Things I Can't Wait To Do With Isaac:

~kiss his chubby little cheeks

~hold and hug him about a million times

~play cars with him

~tuck him into his little toddler bed at night

~see him in his ADORABLE fuzzy blue winter pajamas we bought for him

~watch him learn to speak English - one word at a time

~watch his short little legs run all over the place

~see him get his first hair-cut

~hear him singing little songs

~read stories to him

These activities may seem rather common placed to most of you.....but it's been several years since I've gotten to do any of those things with a little brother! And I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

I can't WAIT to go to China and get this little guy home!!!!!


Lindsay said...

Isaac will be so blessed to have such a wonderful family! I bet you're all SO excited about meeting him. :)

~ Love and Hugs,

Hannah said...

I just found you trough Feminine Farmgirl...
Isaac is such a sweet little boy...I can tell just by looking at the pictures you posted!
May God guide you in the days ahead as you go to China and bring your little Isaac home!

You can check out my blog if you would like!

Miss Jen said...

What a JOY!!!!

Love~ Miss Jen

Ashley said...

How exciting!!!

Rachel, I absolutely agree with the first thing on your list!!! Those cheeks are Simply adorable and kissable!!!! (I actually thought the same thing when I first saw his photo!!!)

The surgeon's did an excellent job!! Praise God!!

It is so neat to see how your family has gone through this whole procedure to adopt this little precious one!! The Lord will bless you greatly for it!!!

Have a wonderful afternoon, Rachel!!!

Leah said...

I got your comment that you posted on my blog! I decided I had to comment on this post! Issac is such a cutie! I am so happy for you and your family to have such a blessing come into your family! Praise God for the successful surgery!

Many Blessings,


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