Feelin' Feminine Challenge Day #7

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Phew! The last day of the Challenge!!

One of my favorite skirts with one of my favorite sweaters...and fortunate thrift store find!! I love shopping thrift stores, and then coming home to see what surprise matches I now have. We love thrift stores!

And for my hair...a simple barette.

Phew - that's it! I guess I got a little tired of posting pictures almost every day, but it was fun, anyway! And hopefully an encouragment to others out there to keep on the path of modesty and femininity - it's worth it!

Coming up soon...instructions for Courtney's Elegant Twist Hairstyle!


Lindsay said...

What a lovely outfit, Rachel!! I love shopping in thrift stores too. Sometimes I can find some really nice (and inexpensive) stuff in those places!

I know what you mean about posting pictures every day. I got kind of tired of being on my blog so much when I did the challenge! lol! :D

Ooooo.... I can't wait for the instructions for Courtney's elegant twist!!! ;)

~ Love in Christ,

Miss Jen said...

Beautiful!!! :)
Lovely~ outfit.

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

Hannah said...

That is a nice skirt and sweater!
Shopping at thrift stores is very fun!
I'm looking forward to the post on how to do Courtney's elegant twist!!

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