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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well.....I have a lot of things to say about this little cutsie patootise but first I want to say how NICE it is to have my family back! It was really getting lonely around here....but now that we have two little tornadoes running around, things are never boring. (Or quiet.)

Although is is incredibly photogenic (unlike his older sister) and smiles in nearly every photo....he is definitely grieving. He's had a pretty hard day today so far. He goes back and forth between crying and being all smiles and giggles. Part of that is because he has been terribly spoiled, but he's also had a very tramatic couple of weeks and that definitely affects his behavior.

It doesn't help matters that he seems to like me best! Although it sure is nice to be clung to by this little stinker, it does cause problems as Mom is the one he's supposed to be attached to. We're trying to work on that. This morning he was just sobbing for "jie jie" (big sister) over and over when I went out to feed the goats.

But other than that he is just a heart melter - look at those eyes!! That smile is sooo hard to resist......:-) Some little girl is going to be verrrrry lucky someday!

Mom brought home a few childrens books from China that have pictures of different objects and then the Chinese word next to it. Instead of reading it to him, I had Joshua read it to ME - and my goodness was he chattering! From what I could see he was prounouncing the Chinese words for each item very well. He asks for "ji daan" often (eggs). I want to video tape his Chinese before he loses it - it is priceless. Although he speaks Chinese almost non-stop, he is learning English. He knows how to say please, and learned how to say Rachel and Joshua the other day!! It was so cute!

Isaac has become quite the older brother. When Joshua does something wrong he just goes over to him and says "no no no!". Joshua usually doesn't like this too well! This moring Joshua was fussing about eating his banana and what Isaac did was SO cute. He brought his little Bible over to Joshua, opened it and pointed to the page, and then said "Joshua, o-b-e-y, obey! I will!"

There have been a few squabbles over certain the rocking horse. Most of the time Isaac is very willing to share but sometimes we do have fights to settle!

What a sweetie pie God has blessed us with!! I love him so much and am so grateful for him. It's amazing that this little boy, who was born clear across the world, has now joined our family and is my very own brother. What a HUGE privilege it is.


Lesley said...

Aww...that is so precious! I felt a tad like crying when I read your post - you have been blessed with such a sweet little guy!

I thought Joshua would attatch to "jie-jie" Rachel. Now to just work on your mom... :)

And what Isaac told Joshua is ADOREABLE! What a big brother!

Love to all your family!

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