They're Home!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

After 2 LONG weeks of Mom and Courtney being gone, they are finally home!! It is SO good to have them back!!

Here's Isaac running down the road to meet the truck! He was so excited!

First meeting! Isaac did amazingly well with Joshua right from the beginning. He has slipped into his role of big brother very well! He kept trying to hug Joshua at first, but Joshua was much more interested in getting down and running.

Here you can see another attempt at a hug. Joshua was not interested in hugs, but he sure was excited to play with his new big brother! They are such a pair!

TWO boys!! They are actually both very similar in size - they love to be held at the same time, one on each side.

Waited so long to do this!!! A cutie on either side of me!!

Our first afternoon/evening with Joshua went well. Mom and Courtney were exhuasted, of course! Joshua went right to me (Mom said he LOVES to play with long hair) and was just a fountain of smiles and giggles! He kept calling me "gie gie" (big sister). He just pratters on in Chinese all the time. I would just love to know what he's saying. :-)

Like I said earlier, Isaac has fallen into his new role of big brother so well. It was so cute to watch him "mother" Joshua. He kept trying to pat his hands and kiss him/hug him, but Joshua was like "out of my space!". But all in all they've done well together and they had fun playing so far. Our *one* mishap last night was right before bedtinme. Mom told me to take of Joshua's shoes which threw him into a massive tantrum as soon as I did. He was on the floor screaming and crying, which really upset Isaac. You could just see the wheels turning in Isaac's eyes....he just watched with a very concerned look on his face and then burst into tears himself, with his hands over his ears!! I felt so bad for him!

They are just such a cute pair. Joshua is already into everything. He tried turning on the dishwasher and little parent Isaac came right up behind him saying "no no no!". It was so adorable!

What a blessing Joshua is - I am so grateful that God brought them all home safely. I think we're in for some busy days ahead....but I look forward to each and every one of them.


Jenna said...

These photographs are priceless and so sweet! I am so excited for your dear family, and pray that the Lord will bless y'all! :)

Many Blessings,

Lesley said...


You totally deserve a medal of honor for all your hard work keeping the house running while your mom and Courtney were in China! It sounds like you did an amazing job - your family is so blessed to have such a daughter/sister like you!

Enjoy that new, precious brother of yours! Has he played with your hair yet? :)

PA said...

My Dear Daughter Rachel,

Great blog and thank you for all you've done in holding the home together while your Mom and Courtney were bringing our boys home from China. What a blessing you are to our family!

With deep gratitude and love,


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