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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Several random things to post about today!

Joshua recently got a buzz cut to match the rest of the boys in the family - pretty cute now, isn't he? I kinda liked his old hair too.....but it was pretty messy. He really needed a haircut!

I am hoping to buy this milking pail from Hoegger supply today!! I have great ambitions for milking this year, and I intend to make it as easy as possible. I have been using quart jars, but that means you have to milk one side at a time, which takes forever. I could milk in half the time by using the pail. Pretty excited about that!

Now that the China trip is over and Joshua is settling in, I am back to school - and hitting it hard. I have gotten behind because of how busy we've been, so now I am trying to catch up. My goal is to do double school (2 days worth of lessons) each day. So far I 've been able to do that with most of my subjects. It feels kind of good to have my nose in the books again!

I have a sore throat today.....likely the results of the potluck we attended last Sunday at church. So now I am drinking lots of hot tea with butter and honey in it. The butter and honey makes tea so much more creamy and really coats your throat - I always drink it when I have a sore throat!

And lastly, this is my new way of life!!! Seriously!! I often have both boys clamoring for my attention at once!! Usually one is all smiles in my arms and the other is in tears on the ground! We're trying to work on directing the boys (especially Joshua) away from ME and towards Mom. SHE is their mother, not me!! He needs to know that! As hard as it is to resist those gorgeous Joshua-eyes, I am trying to turn him to Mom when he comes running to me.

And yes, I KNOW I need to fix my blog header, it shouldn't still read "and soon to be eight".



Jenna said...

How cute! I love the photographs!

Many Blessings,

Cassie said...

You sound busy, Rachel!

When my mom and dad went to China, I got behind in my school work too. It's not easy holding down home while they're gone!

Have a blessed day,


Mikala said...

I drink hot tea with honey when I have the flu, too. I didn't know that you could add butter, too! Do you just drop it in the tea and let it melt?

Rachel's Blog said...

Mikala - yes, just put a pat of butter (1/4 inch or less thick) in your mug. It will melt as you stir it. The honey and the butter make the tea ultra-creamy!! GREAT for sore throats.

Courtney said...

Love your post, Rachel! You do have a busy life and I'm
Thankful for all you do!

Pa said...

Dear Daughter Rachel,

I continue to be pleased with your life's focus -- on pleasing the Lord Jesus!

And I'm glad you enjoy your family, the farm, and are engaging in double book work.


Dear 'Ol Dad

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