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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Well, how time flies by! I can hardly believe that we're already into April. Before we know it summer will be here! Right now we are having gorgeous weather - the kind where you can have your windows open day and night, and everything is cool and fresh. Absolutely perfect.

Still doing school! I'm really enjoying studying Biology, and Consumer Math isn't bad, either. I feel woefully behind but the best way to remedy that is to plug away at it, one day at a time. Remember that old phrase - "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!"

Here's Emma, our pregnant (we think) cat. I say we think because she was totally normal, and then a few weeks ago she started getting super big, and her teats are getting larger too. Our guess? Kittens on the way! Our other cat became like that too, so hopefully we'll have a pile of kittens running around here soon.

The cutie pies of our household! Joshua is such a senstive little boy; if you say "no" firmly, it sends him into a pile of tears that takes a while to stop. He gets really upset at gentle discipline; a good thing, I guess! He responds really well to correction though - I don't think he's disobeyed or challenged us hardly at all so far. (Quite a contrast to his mischevious older brother Isaac!)

My personal agenda the last few days has been wearing a path to the goat barn. Sometimes hourly. With our two pregnant gals out there I am constantly checking to see if anything is happening. One is really close to kidding (2 days overdue, to be exact) so she is RIPE for babies. I even got up at 3:00 AM one night because I thought she was getting close. Unfortunately, she's being a stubborn little goat and I have a feeling she'll continue her pattern of being 5 days late! As always!


Mikala said...

That picture of you doing school is REALLY cute! :-D

BTW, I'm getting a cold/cough, so I'm going to try your special remedy tea :-)

Jenna said...

It sounds as though you have been staying quite occupied recently! It is always good to be productive! :)
The photographs you shared are so sweet!

Many Blessings,

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