Video of Pearl's Kidding

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Now, like I said last year, if you aren't able to handle gross things, DO NOT watch this video. It is graphic - but all births are, whether animal or human. However, I consider birth to be an absolute miracle; not gross at all! Yes, there is a lot of blood involved (and I truly understand if that makes you queasy!) but that is just the way God intended it to be. But hey - how do you think YOU got here? Anyway.........:-)

So - if you want to watch the birth, click on the video above! If not, well, I think you're missing out on a good thing but I guess you can be content with the pictures! :-)


PA said...

My Dear Daughter Rachel,

You made a great midwife. Good practice for what may come in your future, God willing.

All my admiration & love,


Kiah said...

How cool Rachel! Thank you for posting this! God's creation is amazing, is it not?


Sam said...

VERY interesting! Thanks for posting it!

Mikala said...

Cool video, Rachel!

Ashley Doughty said...

O Rachel, they are so cute!!!
Loved the video. Looking forward to seeing them soon I hope.

Yer "cousin"

Jenna said...

Yay for goats, babies and miraculous births!! Glad everything went well, Rachel...enjoy those babies:)


Susannah said...

I love delivering baby goats! Only...I don't use gloves :)

My family calls me the goat midwife :)

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