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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well, Pearl finally had her babies! I was getting so tired of going out to check on her for days on end. But now the wait is over and we are delighted to have THREE babies!

My goal this year was to not interfere with the birth unless she really needed help (baby in the wrong position, really large baby, etc.). This was one of the best births I've seen so far, so I didn't need to do anything but catch the babies and dry them off!

The first one was born quickly, and then after about 8 minutes the next one came. Another 5 minute wait, and out came another one! They came so fast that I barely had time to catch them all - in fact one had the delightful experience of falling right on the ground. FAST!

We got two girls and a boy. Perfect.

This is the first one to be born. She is a clone of Daisy - it'll be hard to tell them apart if we keep her! :-)

That's the boy. Even though he was the last one to be born, he was the first one to start standing up and nursing. Typical boy!

I can hardly believe how many babies we have now. I was really expecting just one, since that's what Pearl always has. But nope - God had a surprise for us! How fun!

We (I, actually) named them Josie, Maggie, and Ritz. The boy's name is up in the air still - is Ritz a good name? Always hard to figure out boys names! Comment and leave me your suggestions!


Lesley said...

How exciting! And they are so.cute.!

I like Ritz. Seems a spunky name for a little guy. :)

Ben S. said...

Our first two goats were from a set of guy triplets. We named our two Curly and Moe. We opted out on Larry, cause thats our Uncle's name. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you used it now, haha!

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