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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I realize I have NOT posted daily like I planned during the trip....but I also planned on having a lot more time available! I am truly learning the ropes of being a full time "mom"!! And it is much more time-consuming than I had expected!


We are still hanging in there and very anxiously awaiting Mom, Courtney's and Joshua's return home on the 12th. As I type it's 6:30 AM and I have a little cheerio muncher by my side. It seems to be our new routine...he wakes up calling for me around 5:45, then we snuggle for a while, and then I go check Courtney's blog while he digs into cheerios.

Just 7 more days!!! Until this adorable little boy comes home!

I don't have any pictures to share from our last few days; because I've been too busy to take any. :-) And Courtney's blog is a WHOLE LOT more interesting at this point!! However I will try to be better about that this week.

Instead, I'll share with you some things I've learned about being a "mom":

~diapers fill much faster than you think. It's VERY wise to change them often or you will go through countless pairs of pants a day.

~never put a load of laundry in at 10:00 PM.

~fix hair and apply makeup in under 3.5 minutes.

~clean the kitchen entirely the night before or you won't feel like making breakfast the next morning.

~the crockpot is a mother's best friend.

~always make a 3 year old go potty BEFORE getting in the bathtub. It's vital.

~leftovers are lifesavers.


Jenna said...

Rachel, you certainly make me smile! I loved reading your list of things you've learned!
I cannot wait till Joshua finally arrives home! Oh, it is so close!

Many Blessings,

Pappa said...

Oh dear Rachel,

As your father, I really enjoyed your "lessons learned" as a substitute mother. BTW, I believe you are going to be a GREAT wife (1st) and mothern (2nd) in His time.



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