Blanket Time

Friday, May 20, 2011

We have started an afternoon routine with the little boys called "blanket time". Each boy sits on a blanket with a bucket of toys and has to stay on that blanket for a certain amount of time. 30 minutes, an hour if we're lucky!

Joshua is so easily self-entertained; he could play for hours by himself! The whole system allows us to get just a few things done while they're temporarily occupied.

It's the temporary part of the deal that is the only problem. :-) But, it's a "problem" I'm glad to have on my hands - what would life be without these two precious boys??!!

So stinkin' cute in sunglasses!

David was supposed to be, uh, watching them. He was totally engrossed in his book. Once he gets his hands on a good book he can totally tune everything out.


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