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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For those of you who are homeschooled, you know that following a schedule / general routine is about the only way to get anything done.  Especially when you're juggling snack time, study time, music time, play time, rest time, work time, computer time.......etc.   Our schedule has certain people doing personal devotions at 9:00 in the morning.  Obviously, when one person is doing devotions, someone else has to watch one of the little boys.

Well, this morning, that was me.  While Mom had her Bible time, I took Isaac out to the fifth wheel (the only way to eliminate noise in the house is to truly eliminate it) and we had a great time together! 

I used the self-timer on my camera to take a few shots like this one.  Unfortunatley, the 10-second warning flash was too long of a wait for little Isaac and he was just blankly staring at the camera by time the picture actually flashed.

 Ah yes, school.  My intention was to get some study time in whilst perfectly obedient and compliant Isaac poured over his Winnie the Pooh books.  But uh, that didn't happen.  The only thing I got done was blog pictures.    (Mingled with telling Isaac to stop opening the windows, turning on lights, raising the blinds, unzipping pillow covers....)

This is Isaac's favorite pose for getting attention.  I just can't help but laugh when  he does this!!  Especially when he's being naughty!!  His addition of batting his eyelashes makes for a simply irrisistable little brother.

Semi-serious, semi-goofy. 

I didn't get any school done with Isaac to watch.  Because of course he didn't diligently study his My First Number Book. And he didn't sit quietly with his hands folded.
But - he made me laugh quite a few times in that 30 minute period!  And he provided me with some great blog pictures.  And he made me realize again, how grateful I am that he's my brother.    


Leah said...

It's amazing how hard it is to get things done. :-)

But siblings are so much fun to be around. Their such blessings.

I am using the same biology text book! (With a CD called Digital Interactive Video Education.)

God's creation is amazing! So complex and detailed.

I am doing algebra as well.
I am trudging through trying to enjoy doing it. :-) It helps to go slow for me.

What are your favorite subjects to study?

Hope your enjoying your day!
(I know I am a day late commenting.)

Thanks for sharing!


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