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Saturday, May 28, 2011

For all hard working daughters / mothers of big familes out there, let me put an arm around you and assure you that WE STRUGGLE WITH THIS TOO.

We have dirty dishes.  We have soggy diapers.  We have crummy floors.

Ever gone to someone else's house and observed how spotlessly clean and orderly the house was?  For some reason we have this expectation among ourselves that everyone else's home is always so much nicer and cleaner and prettier.  Surely they would never have a plugged potty or breakfast dishes still on the table at dinner.  All good familes have candles lit and freshly baked cookies on the counter and beautifully vacuumed floors and perfectly behaved siblings / children. 

Well, sorry, but that's not true around here!!  We sure try to make that our goal, but of course it doesn't always happen.  And that's okay.  Our goal is not to impress others with perfectly manicured lawns and spotless bathrooms.   Our goal should be to glorify and honor our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  In all that we do. 

I used to tell Mom how spotless my house was going to be when I grew up.  Well, I don't say that anymore, because I know it won't happen!!  Children are a part of married life - and children create messes and lots of work!  And that's not a burden, it's a blessing.  Instead, I want my goal to be to have a home that is peaceful, orderly, kind, and full of loving people that get along and reflect Christ's image. 


Stephanie said...

Yes, I definitely know what you're talking about - especially when there's a total of 9 kids (now some of us are older so we don't really make the messes, but you know...)!


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