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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It has been hot here what I at first thought was an overcast sky was actually smoke that had drifted down from the fire on some mountains near us.  It smelled a little smoky today!  But then we actually got some cloud coverage this afternoon, so that was nice.  Kind of makes me wish monsoons would hurry up and get here!!

Yes, I know....more goat pictures.  But my life has been consumed with goats lately - I never knew how time consuming bottle feeding was!!  Definitely not the same around here without Daisy....but I'm realizing afresh that "the Lord gives, and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord". (Job 1:21)

David took this picture....isn't it great?  I entered it into Hoegger Goat Supply's photo contest!!  Maybe, just maybe it will win me a free calendar(with this picture in it) and a $25 gift certificate! 
Okay, so this needs a little explanation - Mom left the room mid-diaper change and Isaac decided to take over.  At first Joshua wasn't too sure about the set-up, but pretty soon they were both giggling and I had to grab my camera!  

I love how sharp and clear these images are that my camera is taking.  The flash response is a little slower, so it's hard to get Joshua to look at the camera and STAY looking at the camera until the picture has been taken. :-)  But it's still great!

The ONLY green on our property.  Ugh - I am so tired of living in perpetual sand dunes.  Where is our grass??  Even weeds would be nice!!  We need rain so badly around here.  The tree is getting pretty tall; hopefully we'll get some peaches from it next summer.

Jonathan went for a ride this evening.  As I'm typing this, Jonathan is begging me to revise this to..... this is one of my double-bred dash4cash and easy jet fillies. She is from the double staple ranch in Patagonia.  Her mother had a speed index of 96. WOW.

Okay. So that's HIS thing.  Definitely not mine.  I know I must look horrible to have the privilege to live on a farm and yet not even like or ride the horses we have!! But I just don't care for them. Well, they look nice, but I don't like to get on them.  A little too dangerous - I like to stay on my own two feet, thank you.  :-)


Cassie said...

I love all of the pictures Rachel!

It looks like you have your hands full (literally!) with those baby goats!!! *smiles*

I hope that you and your family are well. I miss you guys!


Courtney said...

Hey Rachel,

Loved the picture of Isaac changing Joshua's diaper! That is hilarious! Also, Dad wants to know what a jet fillie is?


Michelle said...

Oh my, what a lot of precious work those goats are! I've been reading all your posts and love the glimpses into your "farm" life.

Front-yard Farmgirl said...

So Rachel, what is this super-duper, top-notch, absolutly amazing, horse's name?
The goats are so cute! I hope you still have them around during the fourth of July!

Ashley D.

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