I Did It. I Signed Up...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

....for the SAT. 

Okay, go ahead and laugh.  Yes I should have taken it back in 10th grade.  Or earlier, if I had been one of those homeschool-genius-types. But I didn't, so the ugly test is now rearing it's head and is scheduled to destroy me on December 1st.  Ugh!!  I hate tests with a passion, especially when I know I don't know the material very well. 

Extreme study is in order; that and a bottle of Advil to take care of my headaches along the way.  I'm armed with the SAT guide, Khan Academy, and my dad (aka the answer key for all my math-related questions).

I think I'd rather die than actually be around on December 1st to take this horrible test.  Grrr.  Just thinking about it makes me worry.  But won't it be amazing to have that thing behind me once and for all? 

If I am extraordinarily fortunate, I may scrape by with a grade high enough to get a small scholarship for college.  Whenever that happens.  If it happens.  I'm still so undecided at this point.  *Sigh*

Things were so much easier when I was four. Thoughts of finding a job or making money or taking tests never even entered my head at that age.  If we were to be honest about it I am secretly jealous of Isaac and Josh - they are living the best part of their lives and they don't even know it yet.  Isn't that the way it goes?!  :-)


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