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Thursday, September 20, 2012

So this morning I decided to stop procrastinating this long over-due blog post and just start snapping pictures.  Of anything.  Naturally, Isaac and Josh were the first two people I went to. :-) 

They were in the middle of playing Lincoln Logs (hence the buildings at my feet).  Cute guys. 
Joshua wasn't exactly in the mood to smile in this picture due to the accidental destruction of his building during the scramble to pose correctly for the self-timer setting on my camera..... 

SAT study continues.  As well as it can.  I have actually found a ton of helpful SAT study resources online, first and foremost being Khan Academy, followed by Baron's SAT study prep, and quite a few others.  Getting a good SAT score should be a piece of cake with all of the resources available to'd think!!  Too bad learning is part of equation. :-)  Ah well.  My test isn't until December 1st, so it's very easy to just put today's studying off until tomorrow - but I am such a procrastinator anyway, so that will totally not work.  I'm plugging away every day, bits at a fact I even bribe myself.  I wasn't "allowed" to do this blog post until I had studied for a few hours this morning.  :-) 

 And this is the pile of books (only some of them) that are sitting on my desk, just waiting to be read.  I bought so many books at Summit and I haven't finished one of them yet!  I've been so busy!  Plus Mr. Reeves (church) loaned me The Potter's Freedom in answer to my total confusion on freewill / Calvanism / origin of sin, so I'm trying to work my way through that one.  It's very good and making a lot of sense; but I'm only on chapter 3 of I still have my reading cut out for me!! 

David recently started school for the year - this year he is enrolled in K-12.  So far I think he is enjoying it; but this is only day two so we'll see how it goes. :-)  He also has a piano recital tomorrow!  He's playing two pieces and I'm looking forward to seeing him perform.  I have certainly had my share of recitals in the past......they're always a bunch of fun but nerve-racking. :-)

Brushing teeth....Isaac had three cavities recently and we were all a little worried about how he would do getting them filled.  But he did great. :-) 


Kellie said...

Curious, as the whole issue of free will vs. Calvinism (etc) is something that has hit home for me in very negative ways....what angle are you coming at it from? Do you hop on the train of total free will, ride the rails of Calvinism, or do the "middle" dance? I'm very curious. Have you heard of the book, "Chosen But Free?" Haven't read it, but I've been hearing about it a lot.

Courtney said...

Love the pictures! My favorite is #2. Keep up the SAT studying! College is waiting for you, LOL!!!!!!


Jillian said...

You are so pretty, Rachel!


Anonymous said...

Since The Potter's Freedom is a rebuttal to Chosen But Free, just curious, have you ever read that one?

Rachel's Blog said...

Jillian: thank you! That is very sweet. :-)

Courtney: Yes, I am reminded that I AM 19 and I SHOULD be in college so I can't keep putting this stuff off. The time as come.

Kellie: I've never read Chosen But Free; however the Potter's Freedom qoutes large sections from it very often throughout the book, so I'm able to see both angles without reading the other one. I grew up with the belief that it is a blend between the two angles; but now I am questioning that and so far this book is answering alot of my questions. What I've heard is that while Armenianism may make "more sense" to us, it is largely based off of philosophical reasoning rather than solid Biblica doctrine. Calvinism finds its' roots completely in Scripture. Which is slightly frustrating because the points I don't agree with are impossible to refute, as they come right from the Bible! I haven't drawn my final conclusion yet but I have excellent people answering questions for me and some really good books, so I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. :-)

Anonymous: No, I haven't read Chosen But Free. But as I said it is qouted very often in Potter's Freedom so I am getting the gist of what it's about. :-)

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