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Monday, October 1, 2012

Yesterday before church, we had our good friends the Camerons over for lunch!  They are moving out to their farm soon and we figured we better snag them for a meal before they leave us lol. :-) 

I had fleeting thoughts of a crisp autumn day and long sleeves and hot chocolate and a cozy grill out.  But being as it was (and always is) we had a nice steamer and a very sweaty eating experience (for those of us who ate outside) and an abundance of flies.  Hannah claimed lacing your plate with onion rings would keep the flies away but she didn't seem to have much luck with that......:-)

Kayla, Hannah, and myself.  I've known these wonderful girls since they were like 6 and 9 maybe?  And now they are these sweet young ladies:-)  I'm gonna miss them when they move....hopefully we'll see them at church most of the time, though!

And as for these munchkins,  life goes on in it's various forms for each of them.  David is really busy with school these days; he is enrolled in the K-12 program now and that keeps him very busy academically. :-)  I think the routine and rigor of tests and assesments are a good learning experience for him - I can testify to the fact that when I was his age I did not take school seriously at all!  So now he has an outsider expecting his lessons turned in ON TIME and done well.  It's definitely different. 
I keep reminding him that even though school can seem so monotonous right now, it really does matter when you're my age and thinking about college, SAT study, and possible scholarships. 

Isaac is learning to READ!  I literally feel like I was just learning how.  I still remember reading those beginner stories in Mom's reading book.  He is also thinking alot.  It's so neat to see his little mind processing things.  Now he asks what big words mean, like yesterday he wanted to know what 'absolutely' meant.  Even though he won't give me kisses anymore, and hugs are a forced display of affection for him, he remains one of the sweetest spots in my life.....:-)

Joshua has been asking some rather.....well, interesting questions recently.  He has this thing for the Easter story; he constantly asks Mom if he is going to be crucified on a cross like Jesus someday.  At first this was a surprising and semi-cute question....but it's gotten a little annoying now!   Last Sunday after church he leaned up against one of the poles outside and said, "Look!  I'm just like Jesus on the cross!"  (said with giggles and smiles....uh, unfortunately....) And then the other day Dad mentioned that his stomach hurt, and Josh immediately piped up (rather cheerfully) "Are you going to die, Daddy?"

Where to even go from there lol!


Susanna said...

Joshua sure knows what questions to ask! :) How cute.
Btw, where is Jonathan thease days?

Mikala said...

Cute pictures of you and the Cameron girls! Kayla was telling me they were gonna' hang out with you guys, so it's nice to see pictures...

And about school: that's what I tell my brothers, too. I actually loved learning in high school, and their comments like "who needs school?" and "I'll never need this later in life!" are aggravating. Oh, well. Hopefully they'll learn

Rachel's Blog said...

Susanna: Jonathan moved out a few weeks ago. Thats why you haven't seen/heard much of him on the blog. :-) I don't really have anything to post about him at this time.

Mikala: Isn't that ironic that just as you're ending school, you start to care?! Ah well. The best we can do is try to brainwash our siblings into believing what they'll figure out later anyway; school matters. lol

Hannah Elizabeth (Banana) said...

OK Rachel it always works for dad. maybe they know he is a bug guy and will kill them. They flys were on yours worse than mine so It did work.

Hannah Elizabeth (Banana) said...

Oh Rachel I got my braches off today!

Mikala said...

I can't say I really REALLY cared about school in the last few years, but I can say that I delved into it with a passion I didn't used to have lol. And now, I'm so thankful I did what I did, and wish that I did more! Ah, well :-)

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