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Monday, October 29, 2012

So tomorrow things get back to normal around here.  Mom has been in Phoenix since Saturday visiting a friend she's known since highschool!  A good break for her. :-)  Tomorrow she comes back. 

This has been sort of a break for me as well.....I have taken the last few days off of studying for the SAT since I've been taking care of Isaac and Josh - but the studying is going to resume very shortly!  :-)

Today we went out for pizza and the boys were delighted to get to pick out a donut at the bakery.   I was delighted too.....but that proves nothing....

I have quite a few more pictures from this particular photo shoot that I will post at some future time....though I'm sure my blog audience is probably a little tired of seeing photo after photo of the same two squirts.:-)  When Courtney comes back from college for xmas break, we are going out for a serious photo shoot!! 

In which I want to wear a gorgeous dress that I thrifted for $'s literally something I bought knowing there is no way I will ever be able to wear it unless I attend a wedding or meet the president or!!  But it was too stunning to pass up for $6.  It's like a prom dress. 

As I said, little to no chance I could ever wear it anywhere without being completely OVERdressed.  So a photo shoot might be its' only use....:-)


Jillian said...

Rachel, I love your blog! It's very encouraging and interesting! Thank you for sharing your life with us readers!


Rachel's Blog said...

Thank you Jillian! I am glad you find it encouraging! :-) Thanks for your comment. :-)

Rachel's Blog said...
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