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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Today was super busy for me!  I tried to cram some SAT studying in this morning before heading to piano lessons.....followed by meeting Jonathan for lunch at a Chinese buffet (my favorite food ever), followed by more CPC training, then a quick stop at Saver's for two awesome dresses, and then finally home to watch the first presidential debate! 

The first thing I see (usually hear) every morning is this little guy, Willie.  He hans't made it on the blog in quite a while!  He's still just as cute, but just a little too abnoxious at night.  Because the neighbors complain about our dogs barking, he has to sleep in my room at night.  He usually wakes me up at least once with his whining and exciting "ruffing", trying to get me to let him outside.  Normally I give him a good shove with whatever limb is not currently under the covers and tell him to go lay down. (Sorry, just being honest.  He's annoying at night.)

This picture was taken right after I woke up this morning - no picture of me for very obvious might never read my blog again.....

Is anyone besides me aware of how easy it is to wash out your makeup brushes?!  Call me silly, but this easy little trick excites me.  Seriously.  I used to just go buy another one when my current brush got grungy and caked with powder/foundation.....but Courtney kind of turned on the lightbulb for me before she left for college.  Washing out makeup brushes is so easy!!  It might only save a few dollars, but that's important for me at this slightly broke stage of my!  I just put some soap on it, pulse it under some hot water for a few minutes, do one final soap scrub, and then let it dry somewhere where the bristles won't get disturbed.  That's the trick I recently discovered - squeeze the water out of your brush and then don't even touch the bristles; let them dry straight.  Works like a charm!

Sweet boy.  When he gets mad at me though, his main insulte of choice is, "I will not protect you!"  This is probably due to the fact that I tell him all the time that men are there to protect the ladies.  So, when things don't go his way, what's the obvious response?  Stop protecting!  I mean really, if someone told you to stop licking a recently used fly swatter, wouldn't you do the same?  Just let that helpless 19 year old fend for herself!

The boys love this trampoline.  It's finally getting to the time of year where it's semi-cool enough to go jump on it.  The dogs love the shade underneath, too.  :-)

Last bit of randomness?  I can't seem to get the song "Call Me Maybe" out of my head.  And I don't even listen to it.  Or particularly like it.  But I hear it in stores all the time!  Plus it has some humorous Summit conotations that only Summit students of session 7 would get.....(comment if you were one of them lol!!!)


Cassandra said...

Rachel, this post made me laugh... especially Isaac's comments about not protecting you... What a goofy little guy. XD

Oh. and you look gorgeous all the time. Even when you first wake up in the morning. (nod)

Rachel's Blog said...

Cassie: Um.....well, gorgeous ALL the time? Ahem I might have to contest that.....but I won't. :-) Sweet friend who says the politically correct

Cassandra said...

I've never seen you not look gorgeous, Rachel. And I've seen you just after you've woken up in the morning...

I appreciate the "sweet friend" comment, but I'm a "sweet friend" who tells the truth. ;-)

Anyway, much love to you and your family, Rachel! I look forward to getting to chat again soon.


Rachel's Blog said...

Hahah, Cassie, you make me laugh. :-) Yes, I look forward to talking with you whenever it works out.

Susanna said...

Your. Dog. Looks. So. Fluffy. And. Adorable! I want to just come over to your house, and hug him! (And I totally agree with Cassie :))

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