Annual Church Cookout!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

One of the families at our church lives on a small hobby farm (goats, chickens, etc.), and every year they host a church cookout at their property!  Actually, this was only the second annual, but I think it's a solid tradition now! :-)

I had a great time hanging out with these girls, Marianna, Chloe, and Samantha.  We had a hilarious discussion on beauty and how even those perfect models don't really look perfect in normal life. 

Mrs. Cameron and miss Hannah!!  AND baby Cameron, (not pictured lol) on the way!!  Hannah recently got her braces off and we were discussing the wonders of smooth teeth. :-)

 Miss Nina Marie, in all her lovliness.  Isn't she cute?

An interesting discussion in progress....

 Sweet Isaac.  Afterwards, on the way  home, I asked each of the boys what their favorite part of the day was.  Joshua's was going down the slide.  After a slight pause, Isaac replied, "singing songs, and worshiping God."  How precious.  No wonder, since we sang "I'll Fly Away" - one of his all time FAVORITE songs in the

  A vicious card game underway!!!  I called it the violent and painful card game, but apparently it was called Egyptian Ratslap?  There was a ton of slapping going on......and there was even blood drawn!! No kidding!!

Some of the families talking and setting up chairs. 

After dinner, we had our church service right out on the grass. :-)  A good message on Psalm 2, followed by a great bonfire with smores and then a campout.    David stayed over night, but the rest of us  headed back comfy bed was just a few miles away, and it sounded pretty tempting in contrast to the hard ground lol....I guess I'm not a camper at heart.  Oh well.

Another great church cookout!!  I wish I had taken more pictures, but it's hard to feel like doing that when you're having such a good time with friends. Hopefully this was a good overview, though. :-)


Sam said...

Sure was fun talking with you!

Susanna said...

I really like Chloe's pose too!

(man, but all the pics of me were horrible! :p) And I know I already told you, but your shirt is so cute! A very good clothing combanation. :)

Rachel's Blog said...

Oh thank you Susanna. :-) And no, the pics are not horrible!! You are a beautiful young lady. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Rachel. Especially the one of Miss Ninamarie. You surely do take some lovely pictures.

Mikala said...

I seriously barely recognize some of those kids...! We've been gone way too long. We need to go back to Cornerstone :-D

Rachel's Blog said...

I agree Mikala!! You DO NEED to come back to Cornerstone!!! Tell your dad to get a transfer to might like it lol

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