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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The only person in our family that has horrible allergies is David....he gets allergy shots for it.  I don't have allergies, but it does seem that every year when the allergy season reaches it's peak, I start to feel it a little. I feel like I've been walking around with a sore throat for the last month.  But I love it that it is not a cold!!  There's just somethinga different about having a true sore throat that tops a mere allergic reaction to plants.  Yuck.

Some dear friends of ours just had their second baby yesterday!  Since we live less than a mile away, I got to go over at 5 am to baby sit their 18 month-old while they rushed to the hospital....unfortunately they had some complications, but thankfully mom and baby are doing well now.  I stayed the night with Calvin and then brought him over to our house this morning to play with Isaac and Josh.  They love playing with him! 

On top of that, I finally got a job! I am now doing nannying for a family twice a week....a two year old girl who is cute but is really not well behaved ~ so I have to pull out my cajoling/pleading card with her.  Which is so against my nature.  Two year olds should not get to decide every minute of their day's routine.  Her mom and dad are very into "positive parenting" and "choices".  Fun fun fun.  But it is money so whatever works!

So this week has been pretty busy for me.  And interesting.  Hey, when your four year old brother substitutes different letters in different words  for fun and ends up saying a swear word very distinctly....well, that keeps things from being boring around here.  (And no he didn't learn it from any of us!!  He was saying truck....and then putting different letters in front of that word....and...well, there you go.  Just had to clarify.)

Made pumpkin cookies today.  Excited for the CPC banquet tomorrow.  Huge amounnts of piano to do today.  SAT still coming along.  A trip to see friends in CA coming up.  And finally, finally, some (sort of) fall weather around here.  Windows open all day long!


Joanna Webber said...

Fun! Being a Nanny is one of my dream jobs. Honestly it would actually interfere with a lot of things but I'd love to be a live in nanny. More like a paid au pair.

Susanna said...

Your new job!
Grace and I babysit the kid next door, and he's really sweet, but I hate to think about when he grows up. :p I heard about M. Reeves. I feel really bad for her....

Ashlin said...

Wow, being a nanny sounds like a great job! Congratulations.

Little siblings swapping letters and sounds in their words can be hilarious and awkward too! I remember when R was little I was pushing him in the cart through Trader Joes and as one of the employees stopped to talk to him he started pointing and saying "crab". Of course he used a p instead of a b, so I didn't understand and as he said "Crab! Crab! Crab!" I said "No! Don't say that!" Of course then I was embarassed when the TJ worker figured out what he was saying. =)

Mikala said...

Hey, I'm starting a nanny job,

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