Wednesday, October 3, 2012

These guys are fast becoming....too old.  Too big.  Too smart.  It's not fair.  No further words are needed for this post - I'll let their good looks overtake you. :-)


Cassandra said...

Such handsome boys! And their sister is an excellent photographer. ;-)

Have a lovely day, Rachel!


Kiah said...

They are both very handsome! I especially love that first picture of Isaac--so grown up looking!

Susanna said...

I see that you updated your side pictures! (You look beautiful, as always) What sweet little brothers you have. :)

Rachel's Blog said...

Thank you Cassie! I try. :-) But it really depends on what mood my camera is's not the best quality and is not toally reliable lol!!

Thank you Susanna. :-) You are sweet. I have been meaning to update the side photos for a long time and finally did it. I just need to get a new picture of David now. :-)

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