Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Thursday, October 11, 2012


1) Being stared at.  It's just.....creepy.  It seems like every time I turn around in a store or anywhere out in public people stare holes through me.  Is it my thin hair?  Gosh I didn't think it was that noticeable....

2) Having to always explain to people why I am taking the SAT at 19 (cause that's kind of a mid-highschool thing).  "I graduated a year late, um, I was homeschooled you see, and um, well I kind of never got around to taking it then, so I'm taking it now, and, well, yeah."  *cough* 

3) Telling the receptionist at the CPC that I needed to make an "appointment" for next week.......yeah. Poor choice of words. They were like, "um, I hope not!"!!  And then stuttering beyond belief trying to make another "appointment" with them on the phone today.  What do I call my training days there?  Training days I guess? 

4) Explaining to yet another person why our church meets in the evening.  When I said the word "evening" they immediately replied "Oh!  Is yours that Mormon church?"  Uh, no ma'am.  We're not a cult....just have scheduling issues with the building we rent.

5) Reading World Magazine while blow-drying my hair this morning......think magazine on the bathroom counter, hair upside down, and finally an oppertunity to read an entire article.  It was on cuurent political campaign lies and relativism.  Very good.

5) This picture?  Does it look awkward to you?  I'm not engaged, just so you know.  :-) It was one of those perfect-lighting moments and I always love those ring/piano shots at purity ring worked beautifully.....


1) The fact that my hair FINALLY stopped falling out about a month ago.  Finally.  It's been a long time comin'.  I don't necessarily know that pre-natals "fixed" the problem.....but they certainly can't do any harm so I am still taking them daily!  And working with the nurses at the CPC I now know that they are actually something every woman should be taking...pregnant or not.  So now I'm just on the three year journey to get all my hair back, lol. :-)

2) CLUE. As in, the board game.  I love. That game.  We haven't had it for years but I remember playing huge rounds of it, just us big kids, ages ago.  I finally just went out and bought it myself the other day. :-)  Though now there aren't as many "big kids" to play it with these days.....but hoping Courtney will be interested in a few games when she comes for Christmas break in December.

3) Lavendar Carpet Fresh.  Call me weird....but I love carpet fresh.  I have always said that our house stinks like corn chips or something - but good ol' carpet fresh does the trick every time. :-) That and citrus furniture polish, pumpkin candles, and freshly made cream cheese brownies can really spruce up the smell factor around here....

4) Feeling like I'm making progress on SAT study.  I'm doing much better than when I first started.  There is a definent knack to the thinking behind the problems.  You just have to follow their logic. 

5) Playing worship music with my pastor at a different church on Sunday morning (remember I said our church meets in the evening :-).  I just love it.  "Professional" or not.  It's just fun.

6) Getting a job, finally!  It's nothing big, just a part time nannying job for a nearby family.  One two year old girl, twice a week.  No biggie - just some extra cash. :-)  With all the stuff going on I don't think I could handle a full time job.
Pizza is awesome, too - Costco variety, of course. :-) 

Dear Josh with his beloved Henry and Mudge books.  That and the Mr. Putter series have held both boys captive recently.  I tried reading out on the trampoline recently and nearly melted.  Apparently it's not fall yet.

So, what's been awkward or awesome about your week?


Sam said...

Rachel, your hair is really not thin! People stare at you because you're a very attrative young woman who dresses with dignity and doesn't flaunt herself. It's true.

P.S. There a lot of people out there who would love to have your hair, and who have hair much thinner than yours ;].

Rachel's Blog said...

Aw thanks Sam. :-) You too - I'm glad to know so many lovely young ladies who dress modestly!

Susanna said...

I accually like that pic of your purity ring on the piano! :)
(I really like your ring, and will probably be getting mine next year for my 13th b-day :))

Mikala said...

Awkward for me too...people staring. And, you're right, it does make youwonder what's wrong with you to make people stare. However, like Sam said, some people's motives for staring aren't always bad...wink, wink.

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