Just Awkward Friday

Friday, October 19, 2012

(sorry for the blurry picture - the lighting was soooo bad!!!)

1)  spending the entire day out doing errands, piano lessons, and volunteer work at the CPC - having an all-around good day and THEN coming home to have your mom tell you, "what's that brown stuff on your skirt?"  You turn around to find your backside (khaki skirt, mind you,) sporting a large brown smear of.....chocolate chips.  Apparently I sat on a few during the drive (I was eating a chocolate granola bar).  That had BETTER have happened on the drive home!!!  Because it didn't look like chocolate chips.

2) curling your hair and discovering a nice blob of blue toothpaste stuck on the end of the iron.  Lovely.  Thankfully it didn't make friends with my hair. 

3)  being at the CPC, trying to have the "business proffesional" look, counseling a young couple (younger than me)....and having my sandal strap bust five consecutive times.  As in, you're walking, and then suddenly you realize you've stepped out of your sandal.  That was after giving them referrals for finding cheap maternity clothes and mentioning that I second-hand shop all the time.  I think they believed me.   Next time I'm wearing heels!

4)  being told by various people, "you need to eat more meat" , "go get yourself another donut, you look like you could use it", or "I'm worried about you, have some more".  I even had a doctor ask if I had an eating disorder.  Um, sorry, no - I'm just at the very fortunate time of my life where whatever I eat goes right off me.  I'm told that won't last for long. 

5)  having a very serious discussion with Josh about peacocks.  "Do they bite people?"  "Do they step on people, like elephants do?"  When I the answer to both these questions was no, he looked at me completely puzzled and asked, "Well than, what do they do?"  Apparently being a normal peaceful animal isn't a complete job description. :-)


Courtney said...

Awesome pictures! Gotta say, my little sis is looking prettier in every picture I see of her!!!

Rachel's Blog said...

Aww! How cute of you!!!! lol

Joanna Webber said...

I love your little brother's reaction to peacocks! Little kids are so fun.

Susanna said...

I really liked Josh's reaction to your answers! What a cutie XD.

Aww, come on, no Awesome stuff happens to you? :)
(but I have to agree w/ all your Awkwardness :) I am a magnet for awkward things-and it's not funny :p)

See ya tonight!

Kellie said...

Although, after living with peacocks for several years, "normal peaceful animal" may not actually be the case. You can tell him the SCREECH crazy loud at all hours of the day (or night), completely stomp/shred any sort of living plant to death no matter how hard you try to protect the plant, and they fluff their feathers and STOMP when they get territorial....which is basically always. I was glad when we got rid of them. That novelty quickly wears off. :)

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