Summit Part 1

Monday, September 3, 2012

Where to start?  I had the TIME OF MY LIFE at Summit.  It was so, so great.  I don't think I can really do my experience there justice through the next few blog posts....but I'll sure do my best.  :-)  Summit was an incredibly faith-building experience and I was able to meet so many new friends.  Naturally I have quite a few pictures to share with you all so here's part one. :-)

One of the first things we did as a group was tour Garden of the Gods.  I had been before about ten years ago, but I totally didn't remember how beautiful and scenic it was.  We had a great view from the gift shop area. The mountains were gorgeous ~ alot like ours in AZ but better because of all the green!

Garden of the Gods' claim to fame is the interesting rock formations there. 
 Here I am with Kaylie, one of my roomates! 
Two of my roomates, Kaylie and Ashlynn.  They were so fun!  (And...homeschooled too, woot woot!)

All three of us together. :-) This was only day two so I still don't know people hardly at all.  By the end of the two weeks we were like family!
Very small group picture out front of the gift shop.  There were 70 students that attended, so I felt like we had a pretty large group - though a full class is 180 students!  With seventy I just barely had enough time to learn everyone's names by the end of the trip.  And even then I still was a little fuzzy.....:-)

Every other day we headed to a nearby park for sports time.  Summit has several school buses that they use to transport the students....obviously this one was pretty empty by time I got around to taking a picture.  Kind of weird as it was my first time on a school bus!  Now I know what it's like!  Have to say I didn't miss out on much!

During sports time there were a lot of different games going on.  Volleyball, speed volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and ultimate football.  I am not so much a sports person....but I did play volleyball one time!  It was great fun but I was horrible at it!   

Choosing teams....I think it was guys against girls at this point. 

Some of us were not very athletically inclined (ahem, that would be me), so quite a few of  us sat on the sidelines and just talked.  Lots of people would go off under a shady tree and read or journal and just enjoy the afternoon.  It was so relaxing! 

Some of the guys set up hammocks for snoozing.....I never actually got in one but they sure did look comfy!  There was rumor of putting a third hammock to make it a triple decker...but I guess they decided that would be a little risky, lol. :-)

When we had free time, some of us had a great time playing different card games.  Here we were playing Nerds, which is a lot like Dutch Blitz except you can have more people playing. 

 Kind of a violent game!!!  It is so fun though.  We had a standing joke that I was the best loser because my points always stayed in the negative....I think my final score was zero!!! 

I had such a fun time getting to know everyone!

I grabbed Angela for a photo shoot just when the lighting was perfect....she was a great model! :-)

And yes I know you've seen me wear this shirt in almost every photo....I promise I only wore it twice!!  I guess the days I took photos were the days I had repeat outfits.  Ah well.  You get the point.

Part two coming soon....:-)


Courtney said...

awesome pics, looks like you had fun!

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