Outta Here!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

And I am off to Summit! I'm sure you already know.....but I will be unable to post during my trip. 

However.  I will probably take some pictures on my phone and text them to my mom....in which case she will probably post them on her blog (click here).

Be back on the 1st!  Have a wonderful few weeks, everyone!

(And by the way....have you noticed that I just hopped over the #400 mark for posts?  Yep! This post is #402. But don't congratulate me.  It's only taken me three and a half years to get here. :-)


Susanna said...

I so will congragulate you! I only have 14 or less posts. That's quite a big jump.I'll miss you, Have a lot of fun. :)

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