Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


~purchasing prenatal vitamins at Fry's today.   No joke!  The doctor said my hair loss may be related to low iron (kind of figured that) so he recommended taking a prenatal vitamin every day.  I felt like I should be one of those radiant first-timer-expectant mothers, waltzing through the store and buying mama-pills - in reality I'm just a 19-year old unmarried-non-pregnant-yet-losing-hair-at-an-alarming-rate girl.  In need of higher iron levels.  Hence the prenatal vitamin.

~being told (again) that I look 16.  The ladies at the CPC (very wonderful ladies that they are) were shocked that I was 19.  I'm not surprised.  Kind of used to that reaction by now though.

~ getting a sucker at the doctor's office this morning after receiving a tetanus shot and having blood drawn.  I felt like a five-year-old.  Again, in reality it was for my blood sugar levels (I always pass out with needles), not because of good behavior.  Though I was a good girl.  :-)


~ the fact that my trip to Summit is just three days away!  I'm beginning the packing process....did two loads of my own laundry today and am trying to figure out what to bring.  There's so much I'm going to need for two weeks...."packing light" is almost impossible for a girl! :-)

~ Kix cereal.  Love that stuff.   For breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, midnight snack, 2:00 am snack, you name it, it's good anytime.  (And yes I've done both the midnight and the 2:00 am snack before, many times.  It's  I'm always hungry.)

~ Cleaning and washing and scrubbing our kitchen/living room/family room last night for a few hours.  It was in shambles (I do mean shambles) and I had had a very stressful day (or week, or year, whatev).  Cleaning RELIEVES stress for me.  Seriously.  It was just what I needed!! Listening to Chip Ingram's messages on my ipod, scrubbing a million dishes by hand, and watching a large thunderstorm roll in made for an awesome evening last night for me.


Mikala said...

Hey! Totally understand about the people thinking you're younger than you are thing! People always think I'm sixteen or seventeen...and I'm eighteen :-) It's frustrating, but, like you said, I've adjusted :-D

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