Courtney's Last Days

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The countdown has begun.....two more days until Courtney leaves.  :-(  Yesterday, half the family was gone (recruiter's office / Costco run), so Courtney, David, and I decided to make one of our last afternoons a fun one.  I needed to go to Target anyway, so we hit that place first and then went on to the movies!

You'll notice that we WERE at Target....check out those authentic Target shopping carts. :-)  Target always has great clearance stuff, so I got a Maxi skirt (been looking for just the right one forever) and a really cute top.  Courtney had to grab some last minute things for her dorm.

Poor David endured the shopping half of it.....he got drug to Sally's Beauty Supply for a while, but he did manage to come out alive.  :-)  Then we headed to the theater just across the street to see Ice Age: Continental Drift.  I think he liked that part!  It was a cute movie, and I was surprised at the strong recurring theme of family being most important throughout the entire thing.  It also was,....well, dumb - (I have this pet peeve with cartoons that go way over the top in the dramatic department)....but other than that it was clean, frought with humor (a little too much in my opinion, lol!), and sprinkled with some wholesome morals. 

Worth the $7?  Well, uh, probably not.  I don't know, maybe so. I'm a horribly cheap a fault.   Mostly it was fun to just do something together as a "kid trio" - making the most of our last weekend together as a family.  Mom has some amazing meals planned for this weekend.....a grillout, hopefully some good family time in there.  Should be good, and I'll try to remember to take pictures.  :-)


Abby said...

That does look fun! I've never watched that particular Ice Age before, but it does look cute. And maxi skirts = the best!

And thanks for commenting on my blog. You are right about silent readers, because I read all your posts, though I rarely comment. :)

Susanna said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Is that the 4th Ice Age!?!
Can't wait to see your new stuff.

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