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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Remember my post about this *amazing* mousse hair product about a week ago?  I actually starting using it several weeks ago.  Thought it was doing wonders.

Now I wished I never used it.  Seriously. 

The last several weeks I have been losing more hair than I ever have before.....gobs and gobs (way more than is normal). Figured it was just one of those things that would pass with time.   But then I'm thinking, what have I been doing differently? 

Been using this mousse, and blow drying my hair upside down.  Is this what's causing my abnormal hair loss?  Not joking, I think I've lost a 1/3 of my hair....even my mom is telling me that it looks way thinner now.  NO!!!  Every time I turn around another wad comes out - it's everywhere!  I'm slightly panicking here. 

But maybe it's not the mousse.  Stress?  Hormone imbalance?  All of the above?

Needless to say, all mousse, sprays, and styling are coming to a screeching halt until I get this under control.  I've got to figure out what is going on with my poor scalp....I canNOT afford to lose any more hair!  I feel like I'm having one of those bad dreams where I *accidentally* cut off all my hair - but then of course sweet relief washes over me when I wake up and find all my hair. 

But I'm not waking up this time......any suggestions?!  God has all the hairs of my head numbered - but He must be aware that they've been severely depleted as of late.  What fun, adjusting to half the hair I used to have.  :-(


Leah said...

Oh...I am so sorry to hear that. =(
Have you researched what it might be? Was a lot of hair falling out even before you started using the mousse? One other thing pops into my mind. My cousin has something called alopecia.(There is an informative article about alopecia on

I hope there are no problems! I'll be praying for you.


Renee said...

Too much protein will cause hair to break off in clumps like you're describing and some hair products contain this. I've unfortunately learned this lesson, but it only took one use of the product to figure it out. This is most likely the situation for you. I would advise you to visit a reputable salon that can examine your hair and recommend an appropriate treatment. Some of the products can be a bit pricey, but the restorative health of your hair and scalp are worth it. But, it could also be a hormonal imbalance, as this is a common symptom of
hypothyroid issues. I certainly wouldn't worry about that at the moment, only if the issue doesn't resolve.
Hope this provides you some insight, as having btdt on both scenarios might give you some peace of mind from a casual reader.

Rachel's Blog said...

Renee, thanks for your insight. My hair doesn't break off, it falls out, like by the roots. The entire hair comes out. I don't know if this is what you're describing but I'm not experiencing hair breakage, if that's what you were saying.

Unfortunately I only have one week left till I leave on a trip so I don't have time to find a good salon (I don't know of any) but I am going to see my doctor...I'm really thinking it may be a hormone imbalance.


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