The First Goodbye

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's happened - the nest is beginning to empty.  My sister Courtney received a full scholarship to UAH (University of Alabama Huntsville) and has accepted it.  She will be majoring in business. I have to say I was slightly unprepared for this turn of events, but way to go sis! 

Last minute plans are being made, packing has started, and she's gearing up to leave for Alabama in just a week.  Wow.  Hard to believe that soon I will be not only the oldest, but also the only girl in the house.  And my own room.   And my own bathroom.   (Pros and cons there, as you can imagine.)   I will definitely miss her - it's going to be totally different once she leaves.  She's madly making lists for her dorm life to come - suitcases are out, clothes are getting packed. 

As my post title says, it's only the first of several goodbyes yet to come.  Jonathan's Navy aspirations are finally coming together, and I will update you all on that later next week.  And me?  Well as you can remember from this post, I'm headed off to a Summit Ministries conference for two just another....well, two weeks, basically!

This will be a very interesting and emotional few weeks for all of least for me, anyway. I don't like change, I'm a homebody, and this turn of events is going to be slightly rough for me!  But all in God's plan......updates to come as they happen.  :-)


Caiti Marie said...

I know how you feel, Rachel. My older sister moved out q few years ago, and my older brother is going into the Navy, leaving for Basic Training on September 17... I don't know how you are so calm about it! I'll be praying for you and your brother and sister... It must be hard.

Hannah Elizabeth (Banana) said...

Oh I am going to miss courtney so much.
How old was she when I met her I was 5 she was 15 16 or 17!
and now 21 Oh Bye Courtney!!!!

Hannah Elizabeth (Banana) said...

Did I hear Jonathan is going to the Navy on your moms blog??????
Courtney going to Alabama Jonathan to the Navy.
Well, It is all in Gods plan even if we will miss them.


Susanna said...

When your Dad announced that at church I was devistated!
Btw, I really like your new header!

Kelly said...

{{{Rachel}}} I can only imagine how bitter sweet this must be for everyone in your family. Please know that I will be praying for you all as your lives begin to branch out in different ways in this world.
Becasue of Christ,

Rachel's Blog said...

Caiti Marie: Calm? No way....not exactly anyway. :-) Definitely had my share of tears. We're all splitting up all of the sudden and it's kind of shaking up my world....but God has this all planned out, so just trusting Him to make it good. :-)

Hannah: Courtney was 14, I think. Wow, a long time! I feel like I've known you forever :-)

Mrs. Stevens: Aww, thanks for the prayers. We could use them around here. :-)

Cassandra said...

Wow... having Courtney gone will be a huge adjustment. I know how close the two of you are.


I love you, Rachel!

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