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Friday, August 10, 2012

Have I ever mentioned before how Isaac is our, um, well.....dynamic child?  Like, very full of personality?   And maybe a little too much spunk?

It's this kind of spunk that makes him say things like, "I beg yours bardon?" when he's on the verge of tears.  Makes him bubble over with un-anticipated excitement over little things like going to Wal-Mart or making cookies.  Makes him sing his little heart out when I'm playing "You Are My All In All" on the piano - and makes him get all the words right, (with his own little twist on the pronounciation, of course).

He can certainly be....uh, sour at times...this face is definitely a familiar sight.  But wowzie, he can be quite the charmer as well.  Recently the thing that makes him laugh is that little part in Bambi, where Thumper is just about ready to chow down on the blossoms, and his mother makes him qoute his father's daily admonition:  Eating greens is a special treat, it makes long ears and great big feet!"  That always gets a chuckle out of him.  :-)


His first tooth is loose. He's the ever rightous-older-brother.  Tells me, "I'm not going to do that, I won't be a copycat like Josh."  (Which Joshua is, big time.)  And it's true. He's very original.   And besides his obsession with the color orange (check out the shirt), he's not picky about much in life....eats everything, loves to play anything.   BUT he thrives on routine.  A simple thing like re-arranging the seating order at the table will upset his entire day. 

How can he be getting so big?  Argh!  Glad I captured this time in his life through photos.  Priceless.

Love you, Ise.  (And yeah, like it or not, that's his nickname.  I know calling him a body part sounds weird but that is just what sticks, lol!)


Susannah said...

He sounds so much like Isaiah, the youngest in our family. He's very, very energetic and quite a charmer :)

Leah said...

Oh my! He's quite a character. I love that first photo. Ha,ha!

My brother just lost his first tooth. He was so excited. I am sure Issac will be, too. =)


Susanna said...

What a cutie!
Isaac just lost his 1st tooth recently also.

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