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Monday, August 6, 2012 all started with wanting to be published on Fresh Modesty's Friday posts.  I wanted to (and still intend to) submit photos of a favorite outfit to be published on my *bestest* fashion blog.  :-)  I actually wore this outfit to church yesterday and didn't have time to take photos.  But today on the spur of the moment, Jonathan and I headed to a nearby park to do a double photo shoot - something we've actually never done before!  Courtney usually takes all my photos so I didn't think Jonathan would do very well.  But I was pleasantly surprised. :-) 

Wish this one wasn't so blurry....

I love doing photo shoots like this, but to be honest, I have to say that I feel rather fake posting the pics. :-)  Seriously, I don't look like this on an every day basis.  I have horrible, horrible hair days.  And I don't get to prance around in heels or jewels all day long.  Just so ya know.....

In fact, just the other day I was bemoaning to my Dad his passing on the wretched genetics of straight hair.....seriously curly hair has always seemed more usable to me.  My mom just laughs and tells me she would have given away all of her limbs to have had my hair when she was younger.  (To which I say the grass is always greener on the other side.  Always.)

To which I say, I need to be thankful for the way God has made me....we all do.  There are so many things I could complain about regarding my looks, but what's the point?  Really, it seems like the most beautiful girls I know are usually the ones that think they are the ugliest on earth.   Besides, I'm not living under the media spotlight - I'm living for an Audience of One and He's the One who made me that's all that matters, right? 

Okey-doke, so now on to my handsome brother. 

We both tried pulling off the contemplative look, and though both of us had a ton of horrible pics to show for it, this one was a good one for him.  Maybe it's just guys.  Looking dumbly into a camera lense seems more macho than girly.

 And now he smiles. :-)

Years ago, before height got involved, people used to think we were twins.  I personally thought we looked like twins.  But now?  Not so much.  He gets the "you look
like 25" and I get the "how old is your little sister".  Yep.  Been told I look 16.  That was encouraging.

So....what can I say about this guy?  For one thing he has a great tan.  Likely he'll be making numerous trips to the dermotologist in future!  But for now who cares.  :-)

Does he look like me?  Do we even look related?  Maybe I was secretly adopted. Or accidentally swapped at birth with another baby at the hospital nursery. I don't think I look like anybody (except for Jonathan).  

As we drove to the park I kept thinking of that phrase from numerous Andy Griffith episodes, "You look good enough to take to a picture show!"  Haha....yep, it took about ten minutes to get duded up for a 20 minute photo shoot....but it was fun.  Thanks Jonathan for taking my half of the pictures!


Susanna said...

Rach, YOu are so cute!
I personally LOVE your hair!

Leah said...

Great photos. I love the first one of you. Honestly, you are so pretty! You're hair looks amazing to me. =) Sometimes I think I don't have much hair, too. It does not AND will not curl, but I do have more hair than my mom who has more hair than her mom. (My grandma calls her hair frog fuzz)

But I know what you mean. Most of the time my hair looks horrible. It tangles easily,too.

I definitely agree with you. My mom has had the same driver's license photo for about ten years. When she got it taken she thought it looked awful. Now she says "Hey, I look great!".

We're all going get wrinkly and faded. It's so important to realize how good we've got it and how much God has blessed us. No cancer, no major diseases. I have all my limbs and my five senses.

Thanks for sharing!


Rachel's Blog said...

Susanna: thanks hon! I still have yet to show you how to do that sock bun, huh....?! lol

Leah: I laughed when I read that part about your mom's drivers license! That is too funny. I totally agree with you about realizing how good we have it. Honestly, when I think things are "bad", they could always be lots worse. :-) Trying to just be thankful for what God has given me!

Lisa said...

These are great, Rachel!! You're gorgeous, and your brother is pretty awesome, too! I totally understand difficulty in pulling off the "serious" or "contemplative" look. But you have such a pretty smile, I don't think I'd worry about it.

Just remember to take lots of pictures now! You'll love it when you're much as you don't think so now. Just think of Trace Adkins song "You're Gonna Miss This." :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,

You and your brother both look GREAT in these photos. Must be good genetics from your Mom and Dad! I love you two,

Dear Ol' Dad

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