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Thursday, August 9, 2012

 Holla!  After yesterday I was rather in the picture-taking mood this it was off to the park again for another photo shoot.  Thankfully I have a very willing victim model in Josh so he was great with posing for me.  He is so incredibly photogenic so it was easy to grab these great shots of him.  He didn't seem to mind that it was a steamer outside, or that the grass was scratchy, or that flies were buzzing around us.  (Only Isaac minded - he'll be another post.) 

 I'm glad that Asian genetics have made it into the Krause lines, lol!  So, so handsome! Flawless skin, thick hair, gorgeous eyes...yep, good breeding stock!  (I'm kidding, for those of you who are offended:-)

My sweet Josh is growing up so fast.....he's already doing preschool work!  He can spell his name, knows his alphabet, sings incredibly well, and gives great kisses and hugs.  I love how he is so self-entertaining; he is content to read or play quietly for hours, literally.  And he has a smile that lights up his whole face. 

Notice the cute cowboy boots?  Thought he'd never get big enough for them.  And now here he is, a big guy, wearing big briefs and staying dry at night (BIG accomplishment around here!). 

Love this guy!  Much to my dismay he is growing too old to fulfill my dreams of having a lucrative Huggies diaper modeling career.  *Sigh* Ah well.  What a dear anyway....what do you think of the pictures?


Susanna said...

Oh my goodness! He's such a cute little model. Thought the baby was coming today, but the cervix wasn't in a good position,
mabe a bit later:)

Rachel's Blog said...

I know, I heard about your mom! SO exciting!!!! Keep us updated (Facebook or email or whatever) I can't wait to hear girl or boy! And of course we'll be praying:-)

Kiah said...

I LOVE the pictures! His smile is not only adorable, but also contagious. I literally can't stop smiling right now. :)

Leah said...

Awww! SO cute! Great pictures. I think my favorite is the third one.
I love how genuine his smile is. (Unlike my brothers. They do the whole wrinkled nose, squinty eyes expression.)

Thanks for sharing!

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