Summit: Graduation Night

Monday, September 3, 2012

On Friday evening, the last day of Summit, we had a special graduation ceremony for all the students.  Two of the older students were asked to give a brief speech, sharing some of their thoughts on their experience.  Both were very good! 

The graduation ceremony started at 7:15 in the evening and was held outside.  The weather was absolutely perfect and the night was so gorgeous.  As the sun went down, the Christmas lights started to look beautiful.....they had strung lights from all the lightpoles and even made chandaleirs that hung from the porch ceiling.  It was really pretty!

You could tell Johnny was nervous giving his speech, but he did an incredible job giving it.  He had some great points and talked about living for the dash - that tiny mark between the birth/death date on a typical gravestone.  That's what counts.  Are we making our "dash" worthwhile?  He presented it really well.
After the speeches, the choir performance (the staff!), a presentation by Dr. Meyers, and everyone receiving their diploma, we started to party. :-)  Everyone got dressed up for the event and we had ice cream after the ceremony.  It was so fun! 
After two weeks, these people started feeling like was so sad leaving them! :-(
A few of the students.  And Zach is posing with.....a frisbee?? I think he won it in a drawing from one of the speakers during the week.  Not exactly sure how it made it into the picture.....!

Last small group picture!  Caitlin, Nicole, Hannah, Christina, me, and......the chef?  He jumped in at the last minute and claimed he didn't know how we had forgotten he had been part of our small group the last two!  Not sure why he had dollar bills sticking out of his pocket either!!  He was such a funny guy!
See the chandalier?  They strung icicle lights from hula hoops.  So creative, huh?!

Linley and me.
Roomate picture!!  These are the girls I roomed with during my stay!  It was so fun getting to know them. :-)   Kaylie, Ashlynn, me, and Auri.
Sorry this one is so blurry.....

Apparently all the guys got together for a manly-scream-picture.  Unfortunately it was so crowded I only got a side view!
This me with Aunica, one of the staffers who did my hair for the evening - most of what she did was in the back, so you can't really see it! 
Ruthiey and I had such a fun time hanging out together....she was so fun!  I really appreciated hearing some of her godly wisdome...we had several great conversations and I am already missing her.  Thank heavens for texting!

Goofy model shot....:-) After ice cream and plus the fact that it was our last night AND it was late....we were having way too much fun.

Nicole and me - I loved getting to know this young lady!  She was in my small group.  So sweet!

Your's truly....sorry again for the slitty right eye - that  happens in so many pictures its not even funny! It must be genetic!

Another group shot! We all had such a fun time hanging out together!

A serious guy pose.

Austin, me, Daniel (sat next to me in class), and Matt, who was in the middle of having people sign up for his map wallets we won in the auction for Sudan!!  He was offering purses or clutches for the girls, but I honestly needed a wallet more, lol!!  He's mailing them out in a week or so.

Around ten, alot of us changed into normal clothes and started playing card games.  At this point I was just taking pictures of everyone because I am so bad at card games!!

Alot of the guys headed inside for more crochet time!!!  They were very intent on their projects!

That night, being the last evening of Summit, curfew was extended to midnight ~ and after midnight you could stay up as long as you wanted as long as you were in your room.  We packed and talked until midnight, and then I think we finally turned out the lights around 1:30. :-)  Super late, but such good memories!

The next morning I got up at 5 am to catch the 6 am shuttle to the airport.  (Notice my Summit shirt?!) It was so sad leaving Colorado......I had such a fun time.  Texting and skype and facebook are a great way to keep connected to all the new friends I made! 

Next post....I'll go into a bit more detail about what I learned there and the subjects covered. 


Sam said...

I'm so glad you had a great time!

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