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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Remember Daisy, the cutie-pie-kid from last April?

She's back on the blog!
And she's all grown up! Cute, soft, and.....fat.

Ahem. She LOVES to eat. As much as we'll give her. Unfortunatly, that means she doesn't leave much for her poor mom, Pearl. And that is going to change.

Tomorrow, we are hauling mom and daughter to the goat breeders down the road - and we're leaving Daisy there for 2 weeks. And bringing Pearl home immediatly, since we're pretty sure she's already pregnant. That should give Pearl some time to catch up on her meals!!

This is Pearl....last year! I don't have any recent pictures of her, but she looks about the same. :) We're hoping that she'll give us some sweet doelings this year.


Lindsay said...

Awww.... how cute!! :) Thanks for sharing the pictures and the update, Rachel!

~ Love,

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