Drawing Near to God

Thursday, December 3, 2009

"But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare all Thy works."

~Psalm 73:28

"Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you...."

~James 4:8a

I love these verses because of what meaning they hold - drawing near to God.

It is good to draw near to God ~ and He will draw near to you, if you do the same to Him.

I think sometimes we create the wrong mental image of God. He is not some mysterious Being Who is much to lofty and high to care about you; and He's not hard to find or talk to, either. If you look throughout the Psalms, as well as the Old Testament, you will find many, many attributes of God.

"The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. The Lord is good to all, He has compassion on all He has made."

~Psalm 145:8-9

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him."

~Psalm 34:8

When you start to read God's Word for yourself and find out just Who He is, you can discover how amazing, loving, and caring He really is.

"Not having time" is an excuse we all use. (Myself included!) But as I heard recently, you make time for what's important to you. We seem to make time for eating, sleeping, very necessary things......but isn't drawing near to God absolutely necessary, as well?

Drawing near to the Lord is the most important investment of time you will ever make. And it's an investment that ought to be made on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

This has been on my heart lately...just wanted to tell you that God used your post today to encourage me in this area.

Yeah my life has been crazy busy, and I am wiped out most days, it is like I keep running in circles...and realized that if I prioritized my time with God even when I am exhausted that He alone can refresh me!!!

Thanks Rachel!!!

Lindsay said...

So true, Rachel!!
Thanks for sharing. :)

~ Love and Blessings,

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing!!! I tagged you on my blog!


Miss Jen said...

Dearest Rachel~
What rich thoughts to ponder!
My heart was lifted by the
BEAUTIFUL scriptures you shared!!

Bless you~ dearest sister in the Lord.

Love~ Miss Jen

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Just to let you know Rachel, I've tagged you on my blog!


Lindsay said...

Hi Rachel,
I've awarded you!
Check out my blog for details. :)

~ Love,

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