China is so close!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009 Poetry Blender

No, we haven't gotten our Travel Approval yet.

But I am SO excited to tell you how CLOSE we are getting to travel time! On the optomistic side, we really could be IN CHINA (I can't believe it) in a month! That is AMAZING!

It's more than amazing, it's incredible.




That I could be in China in 30 days and be holding my little brother! It's one thing to know your mom is pregnant and see ultra sounds and be excited about it, but its' ANOTHER thing altogether to know that your little brother is already born and is over in another country waiting for you!

And it's perfectly awful to see his somber little face on looking at you on the computer screen day after day.

Can't you just hear him crying?

"Why haven't you come yet?"

Awww.....he's just too cute. I am more excited about this little boy than I have been about anyting for a long time. Of course, I was this excited when David came from Korea!


That I could be boarding a plane bound for China in less than 30 days. And that I could be munching on M&M's while looking out the window and seeing...the North pole. Ice. Polar bears. Desolate cold wasteland with eskimos running around.

And that's one part I'm not really thrilled about, actually. I mean, what if our plane has to make an emergency landing because of engine failure in the North Pole? The thought of flying over the ocean isn't very nice either, which is unfortunate since that is what we'll be flying over the majority of the trip. Gulp.

Lord be merciful!!!

But, other than that, I am tickled pink about flying. Really.


Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Keep us updated! :)


Liberia Adoption said...

I found your blog through Jenna's at the Feminine Farmgirl. We have two nubian goats we have only had 6 mo. our white one is named...Pearl! They are both pregnant and due in April and May:) I homeschool our two children and we are adopting two boys from Liberia Africa. Blessings with Isaac!

Miss Jen said...

Will be praying!! :)


Love~ Jen

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