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Friday, June 25, 2010

Remember these cute kitties that joined our farm a few weeks ago?

Remember Helen, Juanita, Thelma Lou, and Emma?
Well......they've graduated. Right from kindergarten to college. These cute kitties have grown into big ol' cats that make Dad sneeze. Did I ever mention that he is allergic to cats? Like deathly allergic. When he was a boy, a night spent with a cat curled next to his head warranted a speedy trip to the hospital.

That's why we've always had a "no cats allowed" policy around our house. But then we started having a jumbo mouse population around our farm, so we decided to get a few cats "just to keep the mice away". Unfortunately, these cute kitties have done more than that. Everyone (well, some of us, anyway), enjoy holding and cuddling them when we go outside.

And lately, Dad's been feeling, well let's just say that he's been feeling his throat perform the beginnings of closing up. Ouch.

So our new family rule is: DO NOT HOLD THE CATS. No more cats spending the night curled up on our front porch glider swing. No more pampering. The cats can stay......but let's just say that the rest of us will be keeping our distance from now on!


Eden said...

The kittens are so adorable! We have two cats of our own and love them very much. :-) I'm sorry you can't hold them! (They're great for catching mice though!) Have a blessed day!

P.S. How's Isaac doing now?

Lindsay said...

Awww... that's too bad, Rachel. Thankfully no one in our family is allergic to cats. We've got two - one lives outside and one stays in. I don't know what we'd do without them... I really love cats! ;) Anyway, have fun at the Vision Forum conference this weekend, and I'll talk to you later! :)

~ Much love,
Lindsay <3

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