Questions answered, part 2

Monday, June 7, 2010

~Hmm... I'd like to know how tall you are.I feel short and am the shortest with all my friends. I always like to see how tall people are. (BTW-I am 5 feet 1 inch AND a 1/2.) :D~Have you and your family always lived on a farm? What led your parents and your family to farm life? :)~ One more! How do you enjoy spending your free time?

I am five foot three and a half. That extra half inch is so important since it makes me taller than my older sister. :) Although I don't think about it that much, I am shorter than most of my friends who are several years younger than me! Oh well. I am a normal height, so I'm thankful for that.

No, we haven't always lived on a farm. Of course, when we we were all toddlers we lived in the city, and then we moved to a small acreage just on the outskirts of town. Then we moved to 21 acres. And then we went back to the city - and now we're on a farm again! We have 140 acres now, which probably seems enormous to most of you; but it doesn't seem all that big since I live here all the time. :)

One reason, among others, that we are on a farm right now is because my parents firmly believe that boys NEED hard physical labor and lots of work to do on a daily basis. Family Boot Camp you could call it. Girls need hard work too, of course. But there's something about a boy and a farm that just go together! Plus, Dad has always wanted to have a family business that we could all be involved in, and he thought we might be able to do something agriculturally. And the last reason is because living out of town does provide a measure of security from a future national crisis of some sort.

The reason I love living on a farm, though, are a little different - I LOVE being able to wake up each morning and watch the sunrise from my bedroom window each morning. I love waking to the sound of birds chirping at dawn (that sounded quite poetic, didn't it?), and I also really enjoy having animals. Although I get quite a bit of teasing about being the "goat shepardess" of the family, I love the privilege of milking each morning.....and then there's my baby, Willie. (Actually, he's a dog. But he's my baby, too.) Beside this, farm life provides a lot of interesting and sometimes unplanned events.

Like yesterday when one of our kittens almost died because of the 108* heat.

And that time when a rabid gopher (according to the boys) attacked the handle of our garden shovel.

Oh, and then there was that day when Jonathan shot a jack rabbit and then fried it up for dinner.

You know, I love livin' on a farm.

By the way, look for pictures of Pearl's baby goats in the next few days! She is due to kid on the 10th, so we're getting close. And I'm getting excited.

Please Lord, let them (or it) be girls!!!!!


Jenna said...


I love these question and answer posts. It's been nice "getting to know you better" through all of them! :)
I'm five feet, nine inches, and am only 14 years old! Yep, I'm tall! I come from a tall family though. My daddy is 5 feet, 11 inches. My mama is 5 feet, nine inches. My brother is 6 FEET tall!!! Wow, he is only sixteen and so tall already! Funny enough, my Chinese sister is even tall!
I love living on acreage... Looking out behind your property and seeing fields... Ahhh, the life! :) I certainly feel blessed!
Have a wonderful evening, dear friend!

Your Sister In Christ,

Lindsay said...

Well, we're probably about the same height! That's rare. All my friends are *always* taller than me. I have a friend at church who is 16 (a year younger than me) and she is soo tall! haha ;D

Anyway, I enjoyed your post, Rachel. Great answers. :)

~ Love,

Eden said...

Another great post, Rachel! I enjoyed reading about your farm life; it sounds like so much fun! It's hard to imagine having 140 acres of property as my family and I live in Bermuda which in total is only 21 square miles! However, we're blessed to be able to live on a Christian hotel which is just across from a nature reserve so we have lots of space to enjoy nature!
Looking forward to your next post! Blessings!

Leah said...

Thanks for answering my questions. :D

Your not too much taller than me if you think about it..
Only two inches!

Farm life seems really fun, adventurous, spontaneous, and peaceful. :-)

I think it would take me some getting used to it, at first. But over all a lot of the things you've mentioned draw me to farm life.

Thanks for sharing!!



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