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Monday, June 14, 2010

I think everyone will enjoy this short little video of Isaac - it shows some of his real personality that he displays on a daily basis! Hopefully the grandparents will enjoy this, too. There is a funny little bit at the end that, well, let's just say, exposes what my brothers are really like. (If you've got brothers, you'll understand.) I apologize for the windiness - it was very windy and is kind of irritating on a video, but, oh well.

Another funny bit for today - the field directly across the street from our house is growing chili peppers, and lately they have hired a lot of Mexicans to weed it (and if you live here in the Southwest, you'll understand that these Mexicans are also illegals.).

So.....this morning the group was hard at work with their cowboy hats and hoes, weeding away and stopping for an occasional water break. Dad decided to give them a real dose of the patriotic American spirit! He got out his trumpet, went outside, aimed for the field, and blasted out songs like "America The Beautiful" and "My Country Tis of Thee". Yes, those Mexicans got a nice reminder that they are living in America, illegal though they are. :)


Fiddlin Girl said...

That is a cute video! I wish I had some younger siblings around, though I am SO thankful for the ones I have now! Thanks for posting the vid and sharing. He is really a darling. You are very blessed to have him. :)

God bless you!

In Christ Alone,

Sam said...

Great video, Rachel!
Isaac is so cute...and so is Willie! ;-)
Thanks for sharing!
P.S. David has a wonderful singing voice! =D

Jenna said...

How precious! Thank you for sharing the video of Issac. He is too cute! :)
Have a blessed day, dear friend!

Your Sister In Christ,

Leah said...

OOH! Isaac is so, so cute!!

Hee Hee! I like the end of the video. I am sure you would hear a lot of random singing around our house and not just with our boys.
(Me included.) ;)

(Our boys like to yell/sing a lot.) ;)

Thanks for sharing this video!

B.T.W. Who is video taping? You or Courtney? Just curious. :)



P.S. Willie is so cute, too. :D
(And all your animals!)

Rachel's Blog said...


I did the video tape! I know, it's kind of interesting to know what the blogger sounds like....:)


Sarah from Willcox said...

Hi Rachel,

When I read this post, I had a few questions.

First, how do you know these migrant workers are illegal? Not everyone who is a farm worker or is Mexican is illegal. A good majority are not citizens, but they are legally here. Sadly, they are more willing to work than some Americans.

Secondly, if they are illegal, why not turn them in? If we let them be here without saying anything, we are as guilty as the farmer who hired them.

Lastly, how is playing the trumpet or singing patriotic songs going to help or do any good? If they are illegal, chances are they will not know any of our songs. All they will see is a group of crazy neighbors who decided to entertain them while they work. If they are legally here and understand English or know the tune, they are going to think Americans are very rude and loud, which is what many countries already think. Or it might make them upset, then out of prompted and irrational anger, they hurt your family or someone else.

Many Mexican come here legally, get a job and send home the money so their entire family can come here legally. They come here to have a better life, something many of us already have, due to the fact that our ancestors paved the way for our families many years ago. But unfortunately, many of us take it for granted.

As Christians, we are called to love our neighbor no matter who or what they are. It does not make breaking the law right. But it does make it wrong to be unkind to them. Please look at the power and truth of your words before you speak harshly of someone.

I am sorry if I offended you in any way but it saddens me to see a friend speak this way, especially since my family is of Mexican descent. And we are proud to be Americans.

Sarah M

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