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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hi Rachel,I have also been silently reading your blog. I enjoy reading about Isaac, because I also have a brother adopted from China. Could you write about you're/his adjustments to life in America? You're family's story is probably quite different from ours since our family is Chinese.

Let me first say that adoption is something that is truly amazing. God has definitely laid it on my heart since two of my sweet brothers are adopted, and I really hope I can adopt children of my own someday. Orphans will always exist, whether we "choose" to adopt or not; so giving even one child a home and a family makes a huge difference.

As far as Isaac's adjustments to life in America, he has done surprisingly well. God really blessed us with a GREAT and very smooth transistion when we adopted David, and although Isaac's transition has been just a tiny bit harder, it has still been really easy compared to what many adoptive families experience.

Obviously, he hasn't been attached to us from day #1. No way. When Mom first carried him away from his nanny and into a busy street in China, Isaac's only response was silent tears rolling down his cheeks. I will always remember this. And when we got to the hotel and decided it was time for his first diaper change, he let us know in no uncertain terms that he didn't agree!

But after the first day or two, he quickly latched on to us, and we've had no problems in that area ever since. He has done great with the boys and loves to wrestle on the floor - it's surprising how much energy is tucked into that little body! He will eat most any food and loves to sing and clap his hands to the rythm of a song. Of course, he's brought home a few habits from China....such as smoking. (Yes, it's true - he rolled up a sticker and started puffing a few days ago. Apparently a LOT of people - even the nannies - smoke in China; we saw that firsthand. ) is he doing? GREAT. (Except for his daily tantrums, of course. But what 3-year old doesn't have them?) Thankfully, he is steadily improving, and they are becoming shorter and shorter.

And my transition? Well....can I be honest here? I wasn't totally in favor of a new little brother at first. I wanted to be, and I knew he would be cute, but I don't like change, and this was going to be a BIG change. A MAJOR one. I wasn't sure if I was ready for it - but thankfully, God really changed my heart about it. As we saw his picture and got closer to the end, He was slowly but surely changing my heart about Isaac and I am so thankful. What a blessing Isaac is! God, as always, knows best, and I am so glad He helped me to trust Him about this. I cannot imagine life without Isaac.

When we were in China, the very first night we had Isaac, Mom was in tears because she had a throbbing headache. Courtney was moaning in the bed because of her nausea that lasted several days.

And I?....was on the floor laying on bath towels and cuddling my new little brother. And eating leftover chocolate doughnuts at 4 o'clock in the morning. Now that is a memory that will never leave me.

Some of you may have your mouths open at this point. Lying on the floor of a hotel in the middle of a massive city in a *seemingly* third world country? Traveling across the world to adopt a child from a dirty orphanage? Who later infested our whole family with scabies? Which meant ripping apart our house and washing every piece of clothing we owned to get rid of them?

Just what kind of weirdos are we, anyway?

Ah, good question. Adoption is not about doing something to make you feel good and righteous and generous. If that were true, where would that leave us?

With a lot less money and a lot more pride.

Adoption is about carrying out God's command to care for the orphans and make disciples of all nations. It's about sharing HIS love with a lost child. It's about making a difference in the life of a boy or girl who doesn't have a family. It's about giving someone what every child deserves - a family that loves them.

And most importantly? The chance to learn about Jesus.


Jenna said...

This post is so encouraging, dear friend. I really enjoyed reading it!
Adoption is such a blessing, and I feel so thankful to have an adopted sister from China. I've been wanting to write a post on the story of our adoption, and I plan on doing that soon! :)
Have a blessed Monday!

Your Sister In Christ,

Eden said...

That was a great post, Rachel! Your little brother is so adorable and I'm glad he has a loving family now! I love the photo of him and his daddy on the horse. So sweet. Hope you have a blessed day!

P.S. Do you know how to knit or crochet? I'm planning to start a friendship afghans project on the 15th. You can head over to my blog if you're interested. I'd love to have you join if you can! :-)

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