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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here on the farm, it seems like we always have new animals coming in....and going out. (For example, we had four brand new kittens a few months ago, and, due to predators, are now down to only two. ) Jonathan just brought in a new horse to train this week, so now it's my turn!

Yesterday, Dad and I went to look at a doe that we were considering buying. (To be more accurate, Dad was considering - I was hoping!) To my great surpise, when we got there and had looked her over, not only did Dad buy one, but TWO goats right on the spot!

This is Ginger - she is 5 months old.

And here is her twin buck brother.....which we promptly named Samson. And yes, there's a good reason for that name.

A very good reason.

Within a day of being here, he managed to jump over our 5-foot fence and break through an electric fence. Needless to say, he's stronger than we thought and the name fits him well!! And now the boys have a new emergency project to work on - a new pen that will keep him:
1) from getting out
2) away from the girls.

We are *planning* on starting up a small business of breeding and selling the babies, so that's what this little guy is for. We've only had goats for about two years now, but I have learned so much about them and feel (hope, really) that I can manage a big buck like this!

Isaac, the future farmer of America. :-)

I am really hoping that Ginger will make a good milker for us in the future. We tried some of her mother's milk and it was delicious. Ginger is so docile and amazingly gentle, so I am very happy about that. She and Samson were born without horns, and I'm even MORE excited about that! No danger of being butted!

Awww...what sweet goats!

(I've been told by numerous members of my family that goats are smelly and yucky and horrible, but.....I happen to really enjoy them. In fact, I asked a *certain sibling* what they thought I should name my new goats, and the suggestion was "stinky". )

Hmmm. Could it be that not everyone is a goat lover like I am?!


Sam said...

Sorry about the cats! ='[ Thanks for the update, and now that I think about it I have heard a lot more negative comments than positive ones when it comes to goats ;-]

Lauren Nicole said...

Aren't animals just adorable! I've always wished we could get some goats :) we have a problem with bears though....
Hopefully someday!
Looks like so much fun!

Haley said...

Your goats are so cute! It sounds like Samson's quite a handful! :)

binding said...

I love it too.
I want to have a farm someday.

Anonymous said...

My dearly beloved daughter Rachel,

It is good to see you are blogging again. I want all readers to know that I am the proud father of this fine young lady and she has earned my blessing and trust.

Carry on the good work of serving the Lord each day by serving your family!

Dear 'Ol Dad

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