Conversations with Isaac

Friday, November 12, 2010

Isaac's speech has really developed well the past few months. Although he has a hard time pronouncing words because of his former cleft palate, he still communicates pretty well with us, which makes life a lot easier. :-)

Of course, his favorite word at this point is "no", often pronounced "NO!" with some serious temper thrown in. However...he sometimes makes a game out of it when he's feeling silly. Here's how our conversations with him often go:

Me: Isaac, do you need help?

Isaac: No.

Me: How about 'no thank you'.

Isaac: No ee-you. Nee-hul, (Rachel), help!

Me: Do you need some help?

Isaac: Help.

Me: (sniff. sniff.) Isaac, do y0u need a diaper change?

Isaac: No.

Me: Are you telling the truth?

Isaac: No. Neehul, poo!

.....And thus go our days.


Lesley said...

I *love* little people conversation! It's so sad when they grow out of it! :( Enjoy it while it lasts! :D

Anonymous said...


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