Interview With Lauren ~ Part 2

Monday, November 22, 2010

5.) A lot of us girls have big families and busy days. What does a typical day at your house look like?

My days begin very early…usually between 4 and 5 am (I’ve always been a morning person) and it is in those first few hours I prepare myself for the day by seeking the Lord in my daily prayer and worship…finding refreshment in His Word and His love. Early mornings hold fewer distractions and after committing myself to Him then, I find my heart even more filled with His ravishing love. I seek to draw closer to my Lord throughout the day, serving Him by serving others, and glorifying Him in everything that I do.

Many aspects of home making are covered on a daily basis and my daily responsibilities include overseeing all of the household chores, attending to the grocery shopping and meal preparations, running errands, taking care of our rescued animals, completing home projects, tending to my family and studies etc. My discipline and time management skills have been challenged and I have also learned to cultivate a servant’s heart and attitude. I’m reminded of the saying the idle hands are the workshop of the enemy…so I want to fill my time with things that are honoring to the Lord and look for opportunities to serve.

6.) Modesty and Biblical femininity are very important issues to me. But, it can be hard to find the "right" kind of clothes. How do you see modest dress as an important part of being a Godly woman? What are some guidelines you use when choosing clothing?

Dressing selflessly is to dress as a princess of Christ instead of a product of this world…“To lay down our pursuit of gaining the approval and applause of this world, and to live for His smile alone” (Leslie Ludy). In choosing what I wear, I always try to prayerfully consider what my inner motives are…does my appearance show others that I belong to Christ or to this world? Am I truly reflecting the beauty of His glory? I want Christ to radiate from me and God has shown me that what you wear is a major indicator of where your priorities lie. Modest dress is a tool that showcases a higher purpose in our lives, which is to reflect Jesus Christ to others. When choosing clothing, I want to reflect the beauty of heaven and guard my femininity out of love for Jesus Christ and honor for my future husband.

It is such an encouragement to see so many young women and blogging friends sewing and making their own clothing…something that I think God also wants me to start looking into, which I’m very excited about!

7.) I read once that Jesus shouldn't be a part of your life, He should be your life. We are to be utterly consumed with Him. How does this play into your daily life?

“To become a true Christian – the one who bears the name of Jesus, our beloved Bridegroom – we must leave behind our own lives and come away with Him” (Leslie Ludy). He is calling us to put aside off all of our selfish desires….He must become our All in all. For me…I have to ask myself what I’m holding onto that’s keeping me from being consumed by Him…and only Him. What is jeopardizing my relationship with Christ? Is it my selfish attitude? Is it my longing for the things of this world? Yielding to Him and abiding in Him throughout the day and seeking to draw closer to Him is when I’m committing myself to Him. It means rising with Him every morning…letting Him take every thought, attitude, action, and word spoken captive. It’s following His lead in everything that I do and leaning upon His strength and power alone. Every moment of my time…I want to lay at His feet.

8.) Have you ever felt "different" from other girls who may not be on the same path as you? If so, how have your dealt with this?

The main struggles that I deal with in living set-apart for Christ begin within me…when I start looking to myself. But when I make it my main focus to live for Him and to seek His applause alone in whatever I face, that’s when I don’t pay any attention to the opposing pressure from the world around me. I want to live with Christ as my only audience…that my identity is found in Him…and in Him alone.

9.) This is a miscellaneous question....what are some parting words of encouragment you could share with us?

Share every moment of your life with God ~ Spend time daily in His Word ~ Rid yourself of things that are not of Him ~ Cultivate your relationship with Christ and search for Him with your whole heart ~ Surround yourself with kindred spirits who can keep you accountable ~ Rejoice in Him always!

Thanks Lauren, for doing this interview! I thoroughly enjoyed all your answers. Wasn't that great, everyone? How encouraging!


Sunshine said...

Thank you for posting this :)

Lisa said...

Thank you for doing this interview with Lauren, I found her answers very inspiring and encouraging!

God Bless you!


Mary Lynne said...

Lauren, I am so glad to call you friend and sister in Christ. Keep shining for Jesus, you are such a beautiful young woman. =)

Thank you for asking such wonderful questions, Rachel!

In Christ's love

Miss Sarah Jean said...

Praise God for all of His wonderful servants I have had the privilege to meet and read about.
May the Lord continue to work through your life, Lauren!
And to the host of the interview: Thank you! May the Lord direct you to do many more interviews similar to this one!
Living for His love and approval,

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