Florida Trip - Day 2

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello from beautiful Florida!  I am so enjoying the green here - of course, back home we have lots of green right now too, but that's only because it's monsoon season, and it's all weeds anyway.  :-)  This here is REAL grass and AUTHENTIC trees!  Amazing!

Grandma and Grandpa live in a beautiful independent living facility - the landscaping is amazing there and they have several gorgeous fountains in the pond.  We went for a walk around the grounds today....there was so much green and water and flowers around every turn that I got some great pictures!  It was pouring the whole time though, which was nice.

I, for one, am really enjoying this peaceful, low-key trip.  We're all healthy (no plane sickness, thankfully!), and when we eat an incredible meal in the dining room there are no dishes to clean up.  Now that is a real treat!  Mom is really enjoying being able to sleep through the night without Isaac and Joshua waking her up.  :-)

 This little bird was running around the grass - there were a lot of birds around; ducks and even a heron!

It was pouring when we took our walk, but since the bridge over the pond was covered, we didn't get wet.  It's amazingly humid here - I had almost forgotten what that was like!

Can you see the frog this bird is eating?  

 All the landscaping is beautiful.  I just love all the flowers and shrubs here - we have almost none of that back home because nothing like this will grow without pampering it to death! 

 My incredible mom and wonderful grandparents.  It is such a treat to see Grandma and Grandpa after so many years!  Today we had lunch in their room - Grandpa made balogna sandwiches, which was a new experience for me.  I have never tried bologna but now I have - and it was great! 

 This is a shot of the independent living facility.  It is truly beautiful.  Grandma and Grandpa have an amazing view of the fountain and pond right out their front window.

 (Narnia, anyone?!)

These little ducks came swimming up under the bridge where we were standing - apparently they are used to being fed bits of food!  


Jenna said...

I am so happy to see that you are enjoying yourself in the beautiful Sunshine State! Thank you for sharing the sweet photographs!

Your Sister In Christ,

Heather S. said...

Glad you like the green Rachel! :) But I'm getting kinda tired of it here! *GASP* Did I just say that?! Of course it has been "dry" here with basically no rain, so all the grass is dead, and the green plants are wilting, and there are cracks in the ground so big that you could literally break your leg if you stepped in one! Right now I would gladly take the desert and mountains! I am really looking forward to Fall! Miss you! Have a great trip!

Holly said...

I hope you have a special time with your mom and grandparents. Looks like you'll have lots of opportunities for more beautiful pictures.
Have fun!

Dad said...

Dear Rachel,

I love the Narnia pole!

Wonderful photography! And yes, the green is lovely. Great PCX of G & G with your Mom and you. The best part about where they live is you get to enjoy the green ... but don't have to mow and trim it (can you imagine the landscaping work each week -- WOW).

Enjoy and hug G & G for me!


Dear Ol' Dad

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