Summer Days

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

 This has been a great summer so far - busy as usual, but great!  I wanted to share with you what has been going on around here lately.

Jonathan got a new stud horse that he's training.  I got to take pictures of the first time he rode it -  he only sat on him for about five minutes, to start slow, but he'll be riding him probably within a couple days.

It's interesting to watch - when Jonathan gets on a horse that's never been ridden before, he takes it gradually.  One foot in the stirrup....

....and he's on!  Even though I want safety at ALL costs.....I'll admit I was hoping for just a little bit of bucking action to make some neat pictures.  But.  Thankfully that didn't happen.  :-)

*Jonathan says - "This is my new AQHA/NRHA futurity prospect stud colt.  He's got Doc Salono, Hollywood Heat, Hollywood Dun It (Five millon dollar NRHA producer) Doc Olena, all ON his face papers. He is also double-bred Gunsmoke five generations back."

 Me again - I just love the cornfields to the north of us!  They are just across the road and I get to look at them out my bedroom window.  I love going for evening walks by myself as often as I can; watching the sun fade behind the mountains, plus the waving corn and grass,'s just gorgeous!  I always see javelina or coyote hoofprints, but rarely do I run into any (thankfully). 

 You know, Dad almost never appears on my blog....I DO have a father, he's right here!!! I just don't get pictures of him very often because he's usually at work.  But this evening he was drinking some hot tea in the kitchen and I got a great picture.

 The two cuties.  They look so happy and harmonius together - but don't let that fool you!  Isaac has really become a bully to Joshua when no one else is around.  And Joshua's just a wimp, to boot.  If we leave them in the same room alone, usually we hear screams from Joshua within about five minutes - he doesn't even try to defend himself!!  Last night Isaac decided to bite Joshua's leg - he was so upset, poor guy.  So Isaac faced an evening with no cream cheese brownies (fresh from the oven) and a little meeting with Dad.  :-) 

As I said the other day, Emma is pregnant again.  Once in a while, her remaining kitten Ellie still nurses from her - but she's almost as big as her mama these days, so it does look pretty funny!  Here she is trying to get a snack!

Lastly - a disgusting tarantula.  They're actually totally harmless, but they're big and fuzzy and mean looking so I can't stand them.  They usually come out on our porch during monsoon season, so we've had quite a few lately.  This time David relocated it to our field.  Yuck!


Marissa said...

I enjoyed looking at/reading about what's going on on your farm, Rachel! And awe, your little brothers are adorable(:

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