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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Let me explain.

I love photography - now I'm NOT saying I'm any good at it, mind you....I know of several people who are true photographers and actually know what they're doing.....but still, I like putting my eye to the camera and trying out different angles and lighting.  It's fun.  And now that I have my own camera, well, I have much more flexibility about what I can do!

Like I was saying.  I love photography.  And since it's been nearly two years since our last official photo shoot, I begged Courtney to come out and do another one with me!  But ~ she was busy for the evening, so I decided to head out myself.  And brave the mosquitoes and snakes in a tiered skirt and knee high pond boots.  Ahem.

So, here are the results of my personal photo shoot. 

(I'm telling you, the self-timer setting on my camera is a wonderous miracle.  Without it I'd be lost!)

About this time the lighting was just about perfect.  

Believe me, I would much rather have been taking photos of one of my siblings....I got a little worn out flying between my camera and my "spot".  But it worked.  Maybe tomorrow I'll do a photo shoot of one of my brothers....or maybe my parents!  They don't get on my blog nearly enough.

So, there you have it.  I like doing one of these photo sessions about once a year, because it gives me new options for sending updated pictures to penpals, updating my profile picture, updated pictures for the grandparents' photo frames, etc.


Cassie said...

These are gorgeous, Rachel.

The lighting was perfect and you look beautiful.

Anyway, I think that these photos came out great!

Love to you and Courtney!

Kayla said...

You get more beautiful every day, on the outside as well as the inside.

Mrs. Cameron

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