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Friday, December 16, 2011

 To pull out this lovely picture of Courtney and me, circa 2002.  Right before a big choir recital in December!

At nine years old, I was in the throws of growing out my bangs!  And 11 year old Courtney was wearing glasses at the time.  Choir recitals were a big big deal back then - I can still remember shopping with Mom to find the perfect white blouse.  :-)  And I definitely remember auditioning for that solo - and NOT getting the part, either.  I remember feeling like a squeaking mouse in the huge room full of people; our choir director kept telling me to sing louder, but I just couldn't! 

I was supposed to sing a simple two-sentence liner from the Hansel and Grettel song:

"Sandman is here.  Now let us say our evening prayer."

 Obviously, he moved on to someone that was able to project their voice a bit bolder than my timid little self felt comfortable doing.  :-)  Looking back, I was probably whispering.


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